Saturday, June 25, 2016


A. Octavia

The bass from the stereo rattled the panels of the car, but the music didn't feel loud. It was alive, woven between us and coiling like a serpent. The beat was heavy, seductive and throbbing. It carried a hypnotic vocal track that penetrated our senses to the marrow. It was a porn star in a chiffon dress. The rain stopped while we were in the theater, and it left the roads glossy. Everything reflected like mirrors: the streetlights turned into searchlights, the headlights glared accusingly at the taillights while the neon signs blazed in defiance of traffic-controlled uniformity. I turned down the stereo a notch once we cleared the terminal intersections so I didn't have to shout.

Did I ever tell you about how I see faces in the taillights on the highway? These kind of flaming skulls...” I didn't bother to turn my head-- just stared out at the on-ramp and gunned the engine, ready to merge.

Should we stop? Save this for another day?”

I glanced over once the lanes converged. The traffic was light in the southbound lanes heading out toward the plains. I felt the sudden surge of velocity once the grav field picked us up. “Oh, hell no,” I smiled. The blindfold was still wrapped around her eyes; the black silk was from the same bolt I cut to tie her wrists to her knees. I touched the side of her face, and she flinched before leaning into my palm. Her skin felt warm and so damn smooth. She sighed.

You look amazing tonight,” I said, putting both hands back on the wheel. She wore the white button-down blouse I always asked her about, and the loose skirt that made her look like a librarian centerfold. She already kicked her flats off, and I saw her making little fists on the carpeted floor with her toes.

I changed lanes and waited for the kick of the grav generator to launch us into the express lane. Once the lane markers blurred into a streaming line of white light, I reached over and lightly grazed the silk on her wrists, dipping my finger under the knot just to make sure it wasn't too tight. I let my fingertips wander a bit, feeling her thighs, soaking up her heat.

Thank you..., Sir.” Shelly laughed, uninhibited, breathy. I felt myself smile at the stab of lust she inflicted.

Laugh it up while you can,” I said, trying and failing to wipe the damn smile off my face. My hand instinctively reached for her again and I traced a finger down her jawline. The tendon in her neck was smooth and radiant, pulsing with heat. I rounded her collarbone and followed it to the top button on her blouse where my fingers lingered for an instant. The feeling of her chest rising and falling was hypnotic-- and then I yanked open the button.

That is so not fair!” she laughed and started to struggle against the silk.

Oh, but I beg to disagree!” I opened the second button on her blouse just as a splash of oncoming light lit up her face. A deep shadow accentuated the line between her breasts, too, but the light passed before I could tell which bra she decided to wear. She struggled again-- only this time the smile on her face looked a little more strained. “Are you still okay with this?”

Yes,” she said, and her eyebrows narrowed while her smile widened, “...Sir.”

You are just fucking gorgeous, you know that?”

She bit her lower lip and grinned, “You may have mentioned it once or twice.”

I opened the third button and touched her skin with my index finger. I waited for the cars passing me on the right to get a few lengths ahead before I opened the fourth and fifth. When we weren't in danger of being observed again, I pulled the shirt open and stole glances at her in the dashboard light. Her bra was white lace with sheer panels that showed off her nipples. I could just see the dark circles and the hardening tips. I grazed her left breast with the back of my hand-- then parted my fingertips just enough to let her nipple pass though. I let the feeling of the texture linger, giving it enough time to sink into my brain. I let go of her hardened nipple the second she started to moan between songs, I trapped it again. Instead of letting her slip away, I clamped my fingers together as hard as I could. I heard her breath catch in her throat, and she arched herself into my hand, then tried to pull away. When I didn't let go, she pulled even harder, her lips parting in a moan that was drowned by the music.

I set her nipple free, then traced my hand down to her stomach. My fingers stroked her gently over the waistband of her skirt. I waited for a few minutes, just turning my hand in lazy circles, listening to the music while I glanced at her hands. Her fingers gripped her knees. When I started moving toward the hem of her skirt, she parted her thighs. I felt the heat radiating out of her long before my fingers found the soaking wet lace of her panties. I touched her softly, coating my fingers, and when I finally reached her clit, she lifted her hips to greet me. We tasted her, I sucked one finger clean before offering her the second. She took it finger between her lips, and I felt her suck greedily, like savoring my cock, moaning. She even pouted when I pulled away from her reach.

When I saw the first signs for the line of exit ramps for the Paxion Center looming up ahead, and I shifted lanes. The rental down-shifted with a flick of my wrist, and I felt decades of engineering override my complete inexperience behind the wheel of precision luxury sedans. The weight of the car shifted under us, the axles compensated for my sudden turn, and the speed dropped. I turned the music back up, then started to run my fingernails up and down her inner thigh. I powered down off the grav generator and let the car return to internal power while Shelly bit her lip and started squirming in her seat. Our exit still came up faster than I expected, and I put my foot on the brakes hard enough that I felt my back push into the leather seats. The car compensated, unlocked the wheels in bursts, and I felt the car turn so it didn't slide to a stop sideways or let me blow through the stoplight at the end of the offramp. I felt her weight shift, and my hand slapped squarely against her soaked panties. She gasped as I steered into the shift, and I blinked as we came to a stop just behind the limit line across from the massive arena.

I turned my hand back and forth while I waited for the light to change; my heart raced, not just from the sudden stop. We'd talked about this for months in some form or another. Shelly and I both liked the idea of playing out in public, but it was my idea to combine it with her being tied up. She wanted to feel what it would be like to have me in total control. Our trip out to Calliope was the perfect opportunity; we were a billion miles away from anyone we knew, in a rented car we didn't own, and in the heart of World Cup playoff insanity.
As I stared at the arena across the street, I couldn't believe how wet she felt, how brazen we were both acting-- then again, she didn’t even know where we were. The last thing she saw were her hands being tied to her knees in the parking lot of the restaurant. Shelly wanted me to be in control, but it meant she had to play along. It was almost scary how agreeable she had been to that point.

When the light changed, I darted across the intersection and pulled into the arena parking lot. She closed her thighs around my wrist when I stopped long enough to lower my window and push the button for the parking stub. Cold air filled the cabin, and it made her nipples stiffen even more. Shelly didn't let go of my wrist until the window closed, and the car started to creep forward again. While I tried to get a sense of where I was going, I saw her tilt her head to the side, listening between beats for any clues that would give away our location. She kept at it for a few minutes, but she never showed any sign of figuring it out. I circled the parking lot for a while, and my hand returned to Shelly's thigh while I waited for the perfect space to jump out at me. When I dipped my hand between her legs again, I pressed my hand against her covered lips, turning my hand back and forth so the bone of my wrist occasionally pressed against her clit.

There must have been thousands of cars surrounding the arena, but since the match was nearing its end, people eager to get ahead of the imminent mass exodus were already heading back to their cars. I was circling the VIP lot near the cab lanes where I saw a space open up across from the east side doors. It was textbook perfection: behind the row of concrete planter boxes at the front, right underneath the stairwell of the pedestrian walkway that connected to the east side arena parking to the main building, it was up against the pylon on the passenger side. It was out of the way, but exactly where almost everyone leaving would have to literally walk over the top of us.

As I circled around and pulled in, I felt my heartbeat throbbing in my cock. I pulled my hand from between her legs, shifted into park, and then unfastened my seat belt. I flipped both of the sun visors down, then leaned over the center console so I could brush my lips against her neck. I ran my hand down the side of her face as softly as I could before letting my palm close around her neck just hard enough to pull her closer to me so I could run my teeth over her collarbone. “I'm going to have to untie you a little to get your seat belt off. Are you going to be a good girl for me?”

Of course...”

I pulled the knot loose from her right knee, and she hesitated for a single breath before Shelly pulled her arm up and flexed her wrist. I kissed her again as I unclasped the buckle, and she let it fall back toward the door. Her hand found the side of my face, and she pulled me in for another deep kiss. She tasted so fucking good, full of passion-- she even tried to suck my tongue into her mouth. She felt so hungry for everything I could give her. Her hand trailed down my chest and then dropped into my lap where she groped blindly for my cock. Shelly moaned into my mouth when she felt how hard I was, and she pressed against the wetness soaking the front of my pants. I reached for her again with both hands, one taking hold of her hair at the back of her neck, pulling hard to tilt her head back, exposing her soft neck. My other hand reached right between her legs, pushing against her panties and fingering her as deep as the lace would let me, pressing against her clit.

I lowered my head to her nipples, opening my mouth to tease and bite her gently, soaking her bra to her skin. She gasped, moaned, and writhed, stroking me through my pants, both of us edging toward a frenzy of lust. I glanced at the dashboard clock, any second the final whistle would blow, the stands would erupt, and then start to empty into the parking lots. Thousands of feet were about to walk right over the top of us. I hooked my finger under the edge of her panties and roughly pulled them aside. I felt her shiver, opening her thighs wider as I slowly traced a finger up and down her lips. I dipped one finger into her, slowly pushing as deep as I could, then pulled it out to lick it clean. I kissed her again, and she melted for me, right there in the front seat. She squeezed my cock hard and said, “Oh fuck, yes...”

Don't move.” I pulled back, and her hand stayed fixed on my cock while I opened the center console and brought out my hidden little folding knife. When I flicked my wrist, the blade snapped open as the metal locked into place. “Now I want you to stay absolutely still while I get these out of the way.”

Shelly bit her bottom lip and looked like she was holding her breath. I used one hand to pull her soaked panties into a wad and then slowly edged the knife along her skin, careful to keep the back of the blade toward her thigh. The sharp edge cut right through the lace without even straining. I did the same thing over each hip, then pulled the panties out from under her, dragging the material between her lips and up against her clit. She looked like she was almost crying from the effort of holding still, but when I looked down, I saw her lips literally glistening with enough moisture to form droplets that started to gloss the seat under her.

I tossed her ruined panties into the back seat and closed the knife before tossing it on the floorboard. “Now that is what I call a good girl,” I breathed in her ear, then sank two fingers into her as deeply as I could. I curled my fingertips and pressed up against her g-spot just as the match ended.

The first spectators to flood the exits-- the rush of victory in their muffled voices-- were barely heard, drowned out by that first orgasm. Her legs twitched, and her hand let go of my cock, but only to hold onto the back of my head while she rode her wave of ecstasy. I slowed my fingers, pumping her with steady rhythmic strokes, letting her come down gently while the walkway above us filled with the thunder of stomping feet. Every sound layered on each other and became a torrent-- footsteps, voices, engines, cheering-- it filled every open beat from the speakers. The background hiss of cars starting, doors slamming, all of it added to the undercurrent of our excitement. Headlights and taillights started to glow against the fogged glass.

I licked my fingers, and when I pressed them against her mouth, Shelly sucked them between her lips. I relished the feel of her tongue again, the heat, the rapture etched across her face. I pushed in and out of her mouth, and watched her work my fingers while I groaned into her ear and pulled down the cup of her bra to take her bare nipple in my mouth. I pulled hard on her, trapped her between my teeth, and reached for the stereo so I could turn the volume down low enough that we could hear the noise of the crowd. Shelly instantly stiffened, “Oh my god, where the fuck did you bring us?”

I pulled away from her nipple, holding onto it as long as I could, and it made her gasp. “Wouldn't you like to know. Maybe I'll tell you when we're done.” I pulled down the cup on her other nipple and treated it to the same deliberate torture. “Or maybe I won't.”

My god, you're pure fucking evil, you know that?”

Yeah, you keep saying that.” I alternated between her nipples while I teased her lips again, barely dipping my fingers between them this time. Her bound hand kept grabbing her knee while her free hand groped blindly for a purpose. It clutched at my hair-- then made a fist against the door-- her fingers flexed as if she didn't know what to do. I leaned up and kissed her again, then slowly pried three fingers between her lips, turning my thumb up to press solidly against her clit. I let my pinky tease the soft opening of her ass and gently pressed. She screamed into my mouth, but I kept her pinned against the seat, my mouth covering hers, collecting every sound while she flew right over the edge of orgasm. I felt her body convulse under me, bucking to throw me off while demanding I never leave. The sound of her dripping squelched against the seat, and the moment she could breathe, she pulled the knot loose on her other hand and started to reach for my pants. She tried to open my belt, fumbled with it, reached another fevered orgasm and gave up. She shuddered for a moment, then reached for my zipper and swiftly pulled my cock into the open. Between breaths, she chanted, “Please, fuck me, please...” Shelly stroked me, one hand at the base of my shaft and the other turning circles over the slick head.

I growled through clenched teeth, then pushed my seat back and desperately tried to pull her on top of me. It was awkward getting over the center console, but she managed to straddle my lap, and I felt her drip onto my cock a moment before she reached down to guide me into her. I heard the car next to us start just as she settled onto me. Her heat was incredible, the feel of her, even with the zipper of my pants scraping against my balls, was so intense I felt like I could have cum at any second. It was probably the only thing that kept me from exploding the instant she draped her arms over my shoulders and pressed her nipples against my cheeks.

All I could hear over the next few minutes was a beautiful mix of her breathing on top of me that mingled with the sounds of muted conversations and an occasional car horn. True to her word, Shelly never lifted the blindfold. Her hands found the side of my face, and she pulled me into her chest so I could bite her nipples, or kiss her-- sometimes failing to do both at the same time. I felt her soaking my balls, coating my lap with everything that dripped, poured, and leaked out of her. She groaned over and over again-- gasping between orgasms-- finally screaming as she fucked herself on top of me as hard as she could. She shook the car-- her ass hitting the steering wheel behind her, tapping the horn every third or fourth thrust. When she finally collapsed on top of me, panting, I felt myself throb inside her. She smiled, then lifted herself off of me so she could crumple into the passenger seat. The windows were completely fogged up, but she didn't look around or even seem to care.

She took a few steadying breaths, and then leaned over to kiss me, groping blindly for my lips before lowering herself down and taking my cock in her mouth. She tasted me, explored my shaft, savored our combined flavors, then started gently stroking me in her hands. “What do you want me to do?”

I groaned, watching her stroke me, an inch from her blindfolded face. I felt my hands clench against the armrest and the steering wheel. Shelly ran the head of my cock over her cheeks, then pressed me against the blindfold, “Are you going to cum for me? Are you going to cum all over my face?”

I felt her hands tighten on my shaft as she licked the crown, then engulfed me to the point of choking. She kept trying to take me deeper, and even when she coughed, she never stopped stroking me. I was so close, but I just couldn't quite reach that point of no return. Shelly could tell. “Tell me what you want me to do...”

I groaned again, then reached for the sides of her head. The moment she felt me touch her, she stroked me faster, harder. Her hand became a fist around me. I saw the strain on her face. “I want you to cum for me,” she breathed through clenched teeth. “Cum.”

I took hold of her head and watched her breasts sway under the effort of her jacking me off, listened to her steady pleading through clenched teeth, and finally the feeling of her head moving up and down my shaft was too much. I pulled her down onto me roughly, but then then I felt my orgasm rip up from the bottom of my soul, and it screamed through me like a boiling demon. I yelled and tried to pull her back so I could keep her from choking to death. My orgasm shot out over the tops of her hands, splashed across her face and dripped down over the blindfold. Wet spots appeared on her shirt; a sheen coated her nipples.

Shelly panted on my leg while I waited for the ringing in my ears to fade. The small aches and pains that were hiding in every corners of my body surged back to the forefront, starting with the teeth from my zipper. I watched her fix her bra, and start to button her shirt before I turned on the defroster and waited for the windows to clear. I let my cock deflate before zipping my pants closed and putting my seatbelt back on. Throughout it all, she never touched the blindfold. On the way home, once the grav generators were back in full swing, she asked me again where we were. When I finally told her, she got really quiet for a moment. For one horrible instant I thought I fucked up somehow, that I overstepped her intentions, that something was horribly wrong, but then I noticed she was biting her bottom lip again. A moment later, her hand found its way onto my thigh. I felt my cock twitch slightly. “So there were thousands of people who walked right over the top of us while I was riding you?”

Yeah, that about sums it up,” I said. The stains on the blindfold were drying. “You okay with that?”

Her hand found my cock and squeezed me gently. “I think I might be.”

I glanced over at her, and she smiled wickedly. The whole car was infused with the scent of sex and wanton desire. “But...?”

I was just thinking we should get a convertible next time,” she said and then started stroking my cock again through my pants.


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