Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Old and New

It's been awhile, and the time away has done me an incredible amount of good.  I've been writing, I've been honing my skills behind the lens, and I'm building...  I've also learned something that I'm sure everyone else knew long before me: -the internet takes more out of you than it will ever give back. It's a heartless void, and at the same time it's a pedestal to scream to your heart's content!

So go ahead and scream, I'm still listening...

Friday, March 20, 2015

Earthbound Eroticism Presents: Auralism Episode 06

Auralism, Episode 06
Sci-Fi Fantasy Erotica
Explicit Content

This podcast is intended for mature audiences only and is not safe for work.  It contains erotic audio, descriptions of a sexual nature, coarse language, and adult sexual themes.

A fresh start, and an amazing new vitality to the show!  Octavia and Zen talk about labels in the kink community, Ben and Ivy talk men's lingerie, and RyanZyro generously contributed a story!