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I didn't realize I was holding my breath until I heard the deadbolt and the soft jingle of keys. My heart was racing, and my hands shook a little when I pressed the headphones hard against my ears. There was a moment of silence-- then the telltale sound of her heels clicking against the tile. The insistent snap of each foot as she crossed the room, from one ear to the other. I strained as hard as I could just to hear her breathe...
I jumped when something heavy hit the hardwood floor and coffee tipped over. I cursed and rushed to mop up the mess before the cascade could reach the edge of the table and flood into my lap. I glanced around the cafe as I pulled napkins from the dispenser, but no one seemed to notice.

I heard the front door close to her apartment, and the lock engaged. A shuffle of padded feet crossed the room after her. I waited for words to pass between them-- something, anything--, but I heard them drift away from the microphone in silence. I scribbled the date and time on the back of a napkin and set my cup on it.

Tobias Peck was very clear with his instructions, at least, insofar as he didn't want anything recorded. Most people who came to me were looking for concrete evidence: ledgers, notarized statements, or some kind of indisputable video. Reality was something people could see in a physical form.  He didn't. I was skeptical at first, but Tobias didn't want his name dragged into anything I did. He even paid in cash.

The conversation about what he did want stretched our meeting well over the hour he allotted. In short, Tobias wanted peace of mind. Evia Lockhart was his closest confidant, and after years of scaling the Interstellar markets and countless late hours together carving up market shares, she suddenly started pulling back from him. Tobias insisted they were never lovers-- they never shared so much as an awkward kiss-- but he could feel her growing steadily more distant outside the boardroom. Evia was hiding something, and Tobias wanted to know why. That was when he insisted he didn't want proof. Proof required fingerprints.
I started to trail Evia right after my meeting with Tobias. I spent weeks tracking her, morning and night, establishing her patterns. The first thing I noticed? She led a fairly routine life. Evia woke up early, had breakfast at the same time, varied her meals, and always left her dishes in the sink. She alternated her route to work but only when the morning traffic reports suggested it. She teleconferenced every Thursday before she merged onto the expressway.

Following Evia home wasn't nearly as easy. I mean, I've had some tough acts to follow before, but no one with Evia's level of commitment. Her path changed constantly. Some days, it was as little as a single street, and other days, she traveled more than an hour out of her way to get home again. Her only pattern after work was that she deliberately refused to have a pattern.

Throughout the heart of the hub, I used a handful of refurbished messenger drones for most of my tracking. The skies darkened every morning as a mechanical swarm rose between the buildings. There were always thousands of drones in the skies, giant mosquitoes with spindly legs clutching parcels like egg sacks. Mine just carried a collection of lenses. I spent months pretending to be a service tech just to build up my network of routing equipment. I spliced into service towers and carrier hubs all over the city, and for most of my clients, that was enough. Every now and again, though, I got someone like Evia, and once the drones hit the lower skyline, I had to revert to more primitive methods-- I won't bore you with the details.

Which brings me to how I was able to listen in on her. The audio sensor was my least favorite idea. Tobias flatly rejected video monitoring or even bugging her home. He said it was 'uncivilized,' but I think he suspected I might get too tempted to record something, even against his wishes. He was right, of course, but I didn't know it at the time.

So instead of tapping into her home, I narrowed my focus to Evia herself. I sent her a text message from a throw-away phone and took a candid shot of a woman ahead of me in line at the grocery store who wore a tight pair of yoga pants. I attached my cryptic little virus and typed 'thinking of you, sweetheart. Can you come home for lunch?' After I hit 'send', I threw the phone away.

I was tempted to wait to see if Evia ever wrote back, but I couldn't take the risk. The message I sent had a small line of code I embedded in the image. It didn't do much-- just let me turn her phone into an inconspicuous little tattle-tale, which meant wherever she took her phone, she brought me along for the ride...
True to my word to Tobias, I never recorded anything. Not that I didn't want to some days. Evia was walking proof that looks can be deceiving. More than once, I thought about going in behind Tobias' back, but he wasn't a man to cross. Trust me, I wouldn't be able to run fast enough, or far enough, if he ever found out.

The sound of fabric rustling in the distance brought me back into my seat in the cafe. I took a sip from what was left in my cup while the refrigerator opened. I heard clinking glass, and an ice machine, probably built into the door of the refrigerator, hummed. Cubes filled the glass. Nothing was poured over them.
"Soren, bring my purse in with you,"Evia said from the other room. She had a sultry voice, but it had such a commanding tone. She sounded used to being obeyed.

There was a fresh hiss of fabric rubbing as her phone jostled in her purse. I heard music playing in the background, something contemporary. It got louder when she pulled her phone out of her handbag. I heard her breathing, right against my ears, and my mouth went dry. I imagined her holding the phone up to her cheek as she listened to her voicemails. Her breaths were steady at first, deep and rhythmic, but then I heard her shoes clatter to the floor, and she drew in a sharp intake of breath. She groaned, but so softly that I doubt Soren heard it.

"That's nice, now the next toe..."

I heard his lips part, a hiss of air, and the sound of wetness. Evia set the phone aside, but it was still close to her. "Now the other foot," she said. I heard the other heel hit the floor and she sighed heavily.
Soren was new to her life. I'm not sure where he came from, but it was clear from the beginning that he wasn't in control. The first time I saw them together was almost a month ago--Evia drove home through the highlands up around Prudo. She stopped at a red light, and Soren just opened her passenger door, and sat down next to her. At first I thought the worst: a carjacking, drug deal, or every other imaginable scenario-- everything but the truth.

The drone followed them until they reached the Pallisades, but once they left the safe harbor of the concrete jungle, well, I couldn't risk going into the suburbs. Turns out, Evia always started like that. It was amazing to watch, really. Soren would wait at random intersections for Evia to drive by. It was gambling in the worst way-- if they met, and if the traffic light was red, she stopped. If not, she would just leave him standing there without a backward glance.

As for Soren, he always wore a suit. Most days, he dressed in earth tones that complimented his long golden locks. He had piercing blue eyes and broad shoulders. His shave would vary, from clean to rough, from styled to a thin goatee. True to Evia's form, he never seemed to adopt a pattern. Today, he wore khaki. His hair hung to his shoulders, windswept instead of in a ponytail. I circled the drone around to the front of them today, leading them for a change instead of following. It was almost dusk when the light turned red.
The moment Soren sat down, Evia's knuckles tightened on the wheel. She stared straight ahead while Soren fastened his seatbelt. The light turned green, but she didn't move until Soren shifted his hips so he could sit on his hands. I tried to listen in, but the volume on the stereo was up too loud. It also sounded like her purse was tossed in her back seat. I resigned myself to watch instead.

As Evia pulled away from the intersection, I watched her lips move, speaking to him, but never turning to look. Her hand casually stroked the cloth covering her breasts, lazily moving from peak to peak. Evia's fingers opened the buttons of her blouse, slowly, and only let the weight of her breathing push her shirt apart. I zoomed in and adjusted the focus. I watched her breasts bounce with every bump in the road; each tremor threatened to spill over the top of her pinstriped bra. The black lace along the cup was a perfect contrast to her pale skin. When she reached the highway, Evia hiked her skirt to her hips and reached back for her purse. I heard her hand rummage around, but she didn't pull her phone-- she brought out what looked like a small lipstick case. Between drumbeats, I heard the sound of a vibrator.

I was glad I took a table near the back of the cafe while I watched her trace the hard plastic tip over her bra, and down over the front of her panties. Her hand disappeared under the dashboard, and Soren shifted in his seat. He looked desperate to reach out and touch her, but his hands never left their prison under his thighs. I watched Evia tease him until the warning light flashed on my control console. I sighed and took another sip from my coffee. I turned the drone around and ordered it downtown where it was programmed to wait for her morning commute.

"Now lick..." Evia's command pulled my mind screaming back to the present. When I closed my eyes, I felt blindfolded, and with a hint of imagination, I felt like I was even in the room with them. "From the heel to the tip. Slower. I said slower, dammit!" I heard her shift on the bed, and Soren groaned. I wondered if she grabbed the back of his head, maybe gripped his hair. Then I wondered if she pinched one of his nipples. Whatever she did, it left him breathing hard.

"Yes, Ma'am," he murmured.

"Now try again." She sighed.  I imagined a chagrined nod."That's much better. Now move slower along the arch, and finish with one in your mouth each time. Very good..."

I heard Soren groan again, but softer this time, like his mouth was full. I heard him start to suck, a greedy sound that made Evia hiss. "No, I said slowly!" I heard him whimper, and I couldn't help but wonder what he did, or what she did. Did she pull away or feed more of her foot into his mouth like a dog refusing to let go of a toy? I wonder if her toes hooked into his mouth and pulled...

I glanced over my shoulder and saw the barista heading over to my table. I smiled and pulled my headphones off long enough to ask for another cappuccino. I waited until she was back behind the counter before I pulled the headphones back on. It only took me a second to catch up again. I heard another soft rustle of cloth and then a zipper open. It was a slow sound, full of pauses like it wasn't opening easily. Soren groaned again.

"See? My toes are so much nicer to you when you treat them well. They feel really good on your cock, don't they?" I could hear the Cheshire smile in her voice. "Do you want more?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he gasped, but it still sounded like he had his mouth full. I imagined him sucking on the toes of one of her feet while Evia teased his cock with her other. I felt my mind buzzing, and no, it wasn't from the coffee.

"You enjoyed watching me in the car today, didn't you..." He tried to answer, but all I heard was a jumble of noise. "I can tell. You're already close. I bet if I dipped my toes under your cock and touched you right--" Soren groaned, a deep resonant sound that sent chills down my arms. Evia sighed.

The waitress appeared next to me and smiled, "That must be some audiobook!"

"You've no idea." I smiled back and paid for the coffee without taking off my headphones.

Evia sounded so happy, so proud. "Yes, right there. Ooh, I knew you were excited. Now hold still, I don't want any of that to drip onto the carpet. Hold still...wait..."

I imagined Soren shudder just as he started panting. I heard wet skin rubbing together. When I closed my eyes, I could practically see Soren kneeling before her: his head bowed, hands at his sides, his twitching cock resting on Evia's foot. I could almost see her foot slowly stroking up and down his shaft. His cum had to be dripping back into his slacks, soaking them to his skin just so it wouldn't drip onto the floor.

"Now clean me up."

I heard movement, and the sound of running water. I watched the clock in the corner of my screen, and it wasn't even a full minute before Soren was back. "Very nice, very nice indeed."

I heard wet cloth sliding over skin, and the sound of their mouths parting, their tongues mashing together wetly. Their breathing got heavier, and I could almost feel the air hissing through their noses. I opened my eyes and stared at the computer screen. I was sorely tempted to activate the camera on her phone and glanced around the cafe. No one was behind me, and the barista was chatting up a young guy at the front counter. I bit my lower lip. It wasn't like I would be doing anything more than I already was. I wasn't recording anything, so technically I wasn't violating Tobias' rule...

I clicked the icon on my screen, and the feed poured in. It was like the image was just waiting for me to come around. It took me a second to realize what I was actually looking at, though. Her ceiling. There was an elaborate fan spinning slowly with a quartet of shiny brass lamps hanging from the center. I listened to them kiss and caught a hint of movement in the reflection of the brass. I clicked on the image, and it tightened the focus.

My mouth suddenly went dry, and I couldn't breathe for a moment. I saw her, sitting on the edge of her couch, leaning into where Soren sat on the floor in front of her. Their bodies were distorted by the curve of the lamp, but I could clearly see she had her blouse hanging open. Her breasts looked perfect, hanging in front of him, begging to be touched.

He suddenly reached for her, but the moment his hand cupped her chest-- never even grazing the nipple-- Evia shot back and pinched his nipples between her fingers and squeezed, turning her wrists for added measure. "How dare you!"

He groaned, then shuddered under her assault before she let go. She reached for the glass of ice cubes. She pulled out a handful and then cupped his chest, pressing the cubes against one of his nipples before trading off with the other.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am." He'd clenched his teeth, and I imagined him obediently pressing his chest harder into the ice.

"Still too hot? Maybe I just need to cool you down a bit more..." Evia dragged the ice cubes down his chest and plunged her hand into his slacks. I Imagined his muscled frame wracked with post-orgasmic twitching, and he buckled for a moment before cooing into her chest. Evia kept her hand on him, melting the ice against his cock. They stayed like that for a while, and when she pulled her hand free, it was only to feed him what was left of the cubes. He sucked them into his mouth greedily.

With her cold hand, Evia pressed into his chest until he fell backward. Evia watched him for a moment before she straightened up and hiked her skirt. She kept it bunched around her waist and stepped closer. When Evia knelt, she made sure her knees were pressed into his shoulders. Evia hovered over him, keeping her panties within an inch of his face. She snaked a hand over her stomach and reached for her waistband. Soren's eyes followed her fingernails. The crimson tips raked over her hips, then lower over the mound where her lips pressed against the fabric. She teased herself, over and over, until moisture started to seep through the cloth. Evia started to gyrate her hips, forcing her thighs further apart so she almost touched him. Soren began to arch his neck again, his tongue stretching to get a taste of her.

Evia smiled and pressed her palm into Soren's forehead, pushing him back until his head touched the floor. She said something, but I couldn't make out what it was. Soren groaned in response, and Evia pulled at the edge of her panties. She let him stare at her exposed lips for a few breaths before she crept close enough to feel him breathe on her. When she felt him struggle to taste her again, she lifted up out of his reach and reared back. The sound of her palm hitting his face stung my ears, it was so intense. Soren groaned as he shivered.
 "Now, don't fucking move."

She tried again, pulling her panties aside and inching closer. She relished in the heat of his breathing, but only for a few moments before she ground into him and started rubbing herself against his face. Between drumbeats, I could hear the wetness of her lips spreading over him. It didn't take long for his face to start to gleam in the reflection of the lamps. Evia smiled as she reached back and took hold of his cock, roughly, using her fingers to pull on his balls while she fucked herself against his chin. She leaned into him hard, resting her full body weight against his chin. He tried to turn his head to the side, but she just smeared herself across his cheek instead. He gasped, a throaty, needy sound, and Evia pulled back before he could cum again.
Evia rose up reluctantly and turned around so she could see his cock. She planted her knees into his shoulders again but spread her thighs wider so his tongue was within reach. She played with his cock, like a cat toying with a mouse. She batted at his shaft with her manicured nails, swatted at his balls, and rubbed her fingertip around the crown. Soren's hips bucked, and he started to arch his neck so he could dip his tongue between her folds. She had to know he could smell her excitement, but the moment she felt him touch her, she slammed her pussy down onto his face. She leaned upright and sat on him, his nose pressing into her ass. He didn't struggle, but his cock kept throbbing.

When Evia finally lifted up, he lapped at her, using his tongue to lash at her for every drop of nectar he could get. She groaned and slammed down against his face again. Evia slapped Soren's inner thighs and never let up on the torture-grip she had on his balls. In return, Soren never stopped working his mouth between Evia's thighs. He sounded energized by her short breaths, almost gasping while her cheeks flushed. Evia started to grind her hips harder, and gyrated against his face. Right before she came, she leaned down and ran her tongue up from the bottom of his swollen testicle to the base of his cock. She bit him, against the underside of his shaft, and Soren screamed into her pussy. He came again again, long before Evia ever reached the head of his cock.

The moment of his release, Evia didn't wait for him to say anything or even for him to recover. She just stood up, and when she got to her feet, he obediently rolled onto his hands and knees and arched his back for her. She sat on him like he was a dressing table bench, and slowly peeled off the rest of her clothes. He had to have been dripping cum onto her floor, and his face still had to be wet from where she rubbed herself against him, but he didn't move at all.

Once Evia was naked, she ran her hands up her thighs and over her breasts. She cupped them, touching her nipples gently until they were hardened points. She spread her thighs and reached between them. Both of her hands worked together, teasing herself, not for a show, but with a furious purpose. She rubbed her clit with one hand, in fast tight circles, while her other hand jabbed her fingers into her as deep as she could reach. I heard the wetness over the stereo, the small whimpers of pleasure she gave herself. It didn't take long before she threw her head back and tensed. Her thighs slammed shut against her hands, and she was breathing hard through her nose. Ragged, soft hisses. Her orgasm looked like it rippled through her-- from her shoulders down to her ankles and back. When Evia finally relaxed, she wiped her fingers lazily onto Soren's ass before she gathered her clothes and walked away. It wasn't until after I heard the shower running in the other room that Soren moved. He darted out to the kitchen and came back with a clean towel that he used wipe up the floor, then himself. He turned off the stereo, dressed quickly in her living room, and let himself out. The last thing I heard was the deadbolt turn on the front door, and the sound of the key sliding through the mail slot where it clattered to the floor.

I stared at the screen and forced myself to blink. My mouth was so dry my coffee tasted like cardboard. I sighed as I shut down my surveillance program. I hated to admit it, but I had everything I needed for my report. I wanted to follow her again, but it wasn't out of a sense of duty. I was hooked, as completely as Soren was. For one crazy moment, I even thought about what it would be like to walk around downtown, and what it would feel like when her car stopped next to me at a red light. She wouldn't look at me, wouldn't even acknowledge I was there-- she would just be waiting. Would I have the nerve to open her door and sit down next to her? Would I have the courage to take that kind of bold risk? I shuddered, right there in the cafe, and I knew the answer.

Evia was clearly not a threat. Tobias didn't have a thing to worry about. Evia wasn't selling his corporate secrets, and she wasn't out to ruin his company. In fact, I thought she was probably the last person anyone could break. She was articulate, seductive, and passionately brutal. In fact, if I had to describe her in a single word, Evia Lockhart was relentless.

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