Saturday, August 17, 2013

Conspirators of the Underground!

Everyone who dwells within the realm of erotica meets other like-minded people.  We come from everywhere, and we seldom reveal ourselves to the public, reserving that honor for select individuals.

And where once I was alone, I now have conspirators who have joined the Underground.  We're not legion yet, and may never be, but we are undoubtedly in this journey together.  This post is the debut of one such pair of Conspirators, who will take us on a journey of how they came to be where they are today, and they've decided to choose a medium I find absolutely stunning:  through the letters they wrote to each other.

This somewhat fictionalized re-creation is their journey, as close as they can remember it, and it reveals more than a host of us would ever dare expose to a global audience.

So without further ado, on behalf of the Octavian Underground, I present 'Letters.'

November 2, 2003
Dear Joe,                                                                         
First, I wanted to say I have never before seen a grown man rock a pumpkin costume like you did at Alex’s Halloween Party.  Now a grape costume, well, that was simply genius!  We made quite the pair.  I’m sure my lovely friends will have lots of blackmail pictures of us acting like a bowl of fruit.  Oi! 
Anyway, the main reason I’m writing is to say thank you for all your help with Stephanie the other night.   Leave it to one of my friends to ruin a perfectly wonderful Halloween party by busting her leg on Dracula’s coffin.  I don’t know what was scarier; Dracula, or the sound of her knee hitting the cement floor.  OUCH!  I’m surprised she only split the bone in half instead of it shattering into a million pieces.  So, thank you so much for administering “Pumpkin First Aid”, and for helping me haul her ass out to your car.  Not sure how we would have gotten her home with out you. 
Chivalry aside, my only regret from that night was not finishing our “chat” in the hallway.  Maybe we can meet up again sometime, sans scary monsters.  Unless you’re in to that sort of thing...  Let me know if you’re free. 
Thanks again,
A.K.A.  “Lady of the Vine”  

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