Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Long Strange Trip.

Change is inevitable.  It comes when you want it to, it comes when you don't.

For me change happened fast.  In January I had this strange, crazy idea that I needed to move.  Over the next six months that idea manifested into what became a massive undertaking.  I didn't go down the street, or across town...I moved more than 7500 miles.  

A lot changed along the way, and not only the terrain or the scenery.  I changed too.  A lot of ideas I had about the kind of relationship I enjoyed with my wife were solidified, and we became a lot closer.  We realized we wanted more from each other and from other couples.  We experimented, learned, and adapted.

So now that we've arrived we're making our own changes that go hand in hand with the changes made to us.  My writing, my podcast, and my philosophy are changing with me.  I'm still working, living and exploring.  I'm still recording, interviewing, and podcasting.  

I'm still adding erotica to the world.  We all are.

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