Friday, March 1, 2013

The Pendulum Swings

This month I'm going to start an erotic podcast.  

There, I've said it.  

I've been going back and forth for awhile on this, but since I already have the tools, the experience, and the material, my guess is that it shouldn't be too difficult.  I just need to get over the fact that writing isn't the same as reading aloud.  Words have power.  When spoken aloud, they have definition.

Ever talked dirty to your keyboard?  Out Loud?  Give it a shot next time you write that hot scene between two ravishingly passionate lovers in a torrid embrace, you might just choke on those words so easily tapped out in monotone keystrokes.  I read most of my work aloud once I'm finished editing it and the x-rated bits almost always make me blush.  And that's without thinking there's a global audience listening to my inflection of the word "cock."

I'll use the same title as the blog, link everything through this site, and start out with recitations of my own fiction.  I might take submissions a bit down the road, but for starters it's going to be pretty close to the vest, and only my public domain material.  Hence the reveal of my upcoming ebook cover that's going to grace the archive at Smashwords.  Free is such a powerful motivator.

I don't know where this is going to lead exactly, or what else I'm going to talk about or even how often I'll post episodes.  That's the evil twin of 'free', it always wants more than the time you have to give.  What I do know is that episodes will be available for free on iTunes and Stitcher, and linked through regular posts here purely for the sake of simplicity.

So why on Earth would someone do such a thing?  Because I feel it in my bones.  For the same reason we're here writing, taking pictures, feeding each other with nuggets of praise by posting comments, patting each other on the back, and acting like, well, sex bloggers.  I'm going to do it because I feel compelled to.

I listen to podcasts all the time, and two of my favorites are Sonic Erotica, and Erotica Ala Carte.  The former being straight up aural porn, and the latter recitations of erotic fiction.  I'm going to set up links to both in the Sycophancy page so you can see what I'm talking about.  Shame EAC is on hiatus indefinitely...

So let the chips fall where they may...


  1. Excited to hear it, it is something that I am unfamiliar with.

  2. A new adventure is always exciting! I did some aural posts on Literotica some time ago, and I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to your posts!

  3. This is certainly going to be fun. I've hosted a music podcast as a hobby most of last year and it's given me some Ideas that I think will really make this project exciting. The first post should go up this week sometime.

  4. Let those chips fall indeed . . . . this is very exciting and it sounds like your bones are pointed in the right direction.

  5. Looking forward to hearing your inflection of the word "cock".


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