Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tales From A Darker Star: A collection of science-fiction erotica.

My first e-book is now available for free on!
Each of these erotic short stories gives us a glimpse into the lives of extraordinary people.

In 'Windows Of The Soul', Vane and Shyla are two psychics who pool their talents during one incredible night.  At 'The Silver Rose', Morgan gets more than she expected from the hotel masseuse.  When Dr. Somers lends 'A Helping Hand' one night at his office, it changes his life.  Dana makes a startling discovery at a genetic research facility in 'Eve', and in 'Son Of War' we'll find out if Karen and Jack can share true love before the gods go to war.

It's been a long week, and exciting all at once.  The new podcast is flourishing and  I've spent a lot of time adding links to the blog, and making the rounds to self-promote.  The next episode of Auralism will go out later this week, and will be a two-part installment.  I would love to make it all in one go, but the upload restrictions on my provider make that impossible.  The full written version of the story will be posted a couple days after the podcast so I won't be leaving you all in suspense for long...

Carpe Juggulum,


  1. I'll be loading this to my iPad as soon as my coffee kicks in and my brain can function!

  2. I’ve a number of favorites, but some of the phrases simply reached out and bit my imagination: “Bryce de-materialized like a flash of shadowed smoke…” and “If Snow White and his three little dwarves in the control center decided the FRC needed to be purged, those canisters would unleash an inferno that would make Dante weep…” The ending of Ev(e) was the biggest surprise for me. Dana and a clone, investigating the late Dr. Gordon and his late clone. I so enjoyed this one, along with the sexually delicious flashbacks! And, naturally – everyone loves Cupid! The book is a wonderful read, Octavia. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks for having a look and the kind words.

  4. Excited to read! I'm sharing it with my guy too, it's like crossing our two worlds together <3


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