Friday, February 22, 2013

Hold the phone...

I fought it for the longest time.  Really, I did.  It wasn't that I didn't want one, it was just that everywhere I went I saw people staring down at their hands.  They did it while they walked, they did it while they talked, while they sat around at the coffee shops.  They did it at diners, at candlelit restaurants--at every one of my favorite haunts...

But then it happened.  I went to the store to change out my old phone and my wife and I walked out with iPhones.  I used to take pictures with my old phone, but the picture quality was always so...


Nowadays the pictures from my phone are hard to separate from the ones I take with my Canon.  Seems  only my memories know the difference.  Most of the time.

So it took me about thirty minutes to take a semi-nude picture of my wife.  It was almost an accident.  But not quite, and no, I haven't stopped since.  Neither of us has.  We still use the Canon, but only when we set up for a full shoot: lights, makeup, props, backgrounds...even then my phone is nearby, just in case.

My phone is better suited for my daily needs; it's off the cuff and spontaneous.  I've managed to get some amazing shots that wouldn't have been possible with a 'real' camera.   I can snap a pic, save it, send it to my email, then pick it off the server and work with it on any of my PC's.

On the flip side, it's also become a monstrous distraction to my writing...

I have everything tied into the phone: my Fetlife profile, my blogs, my emails, the the super-duper key ring thing that saves me 10% at check-out...  And then there's the games and the pictures, and the erotic stories, and the other bloggers who post such amazing things themselves, and there's the editing applications, and the editing tools, and the buttered toast it makes me for breakfast.

Did I mention it can also make phone calls?  


  1. How I envy your relationship with your iPhone! I use mine for work, and I haven't even looked at the camera feature. I should probably do that... maybe on vacation in a few months.


  2. I know, right? Technology was created to save us time, but really it just gives us one more way to waste it. I gave up television - and then I got a laptop. Same flipping thing. There's a funny spoof on Portlandia that makes fun of just this thing:

    It's called the Technology Loop.

  3. I've wiped the lens spot on my iphone so much that it is blurry now from the tiny scratches. I still need to figure out the making-toast feature on it, though? I've been an Apple junkie for over 20 years. I love my iphone, I love my laptop and I love my desktop. I use all daily. My only regret is that I never got to thank Steve Jobs while he was here.

  4. While, I'm an iMac gal, I haven't been completely converted to the dark side of the iPhone. I rather like having a techno break (and there's only so much yummy erotica one can read in public before becoming stark, raving sex mad!).

    I look forward to seeing more delicious photographic spoils (such as the fab image above) from your new addition.


  5. Thank you everyone for the kind words.

    Genevieve: For God's sake don't do it, the cookies on the dark side aren't worth it! (okay, maybe the pictures would be wort it...)

    Brigit: Loved the video. I also gave up television for the streaming video lifestyle and you're right it's exactly the same thing. We're doomed!

    Ella: You need a new phone. Your pictures are fantastic, and I can only imagine what a portable tool in your arsenal could do...

    Minx: Having you go absolutely sex-mad in public would certainly be a treat to behold. Just be sure to have your camera handy...

    1. Do you guarantee toast?

    2. For you, Ella? I'd guarantee it...Just send me a text next time you want some. But please specify butter side up, or butter side down!


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