Friday, January 11, 2013

The Photo Sessions: Christmas 2012

The Photo Sessions: Christmas 2012

   There is something magical that happens when I get behind the lens of my camera. I lose myself. It's a whole different artistic medium than writing and it evokes thoughts that words can never adequately convey. I'm not a professional, nor do I have the talent or discipline to be one. Photography is just one of my hobbies and like archery; I'd like to be the best I can without trying too hard. I know what I want to see when I turn up the lights, and my struggle isn't with demanding clients or art house critics: my struggle lies in trying to get my vision to appear in my viewfinder.

   I use a digital camera. A Canon Powershot sx. It has more features than I know how to use and tools to manually adjust the shutter speed and aperture. I've tried to use those, but I get lost among the light levels and use the default settings more often than not. My camera has an optical zoon and a digital zoom, but I never extend it past the optics. Once you cross the line, you can severely hurt the clarity of a picture. I learned that one the hard way. I took a beautiful shot with the digital zoom near max, and when I went back to blow up the picture, it started to become pixilated as soon as I expanded it to 4x6. I vowed to never use it again.

   I would love to use film and have a collection of lenses to change out and in professional studio, but I don't have the passion to process my own pictures in a homemade photo lab. I also don't have the patience to learn how. I accept that I'll simply work what miracles I can within the time constraints and resources I have. Sometimes, I get lucky. Very lucky. 

   About a week before the Holiday I was feeling the 'bug' as I like to call it. It's when I get this insane desire to create something visually erotic. Something that will blow my mind apart and let me play with the pieces. Often I share the experience on my blog afterward. Sharing is caring, right? Probably not; it's more like my ego on parade. 

   Anyway, I'd been trying to arrange a photo session for weeks, but schedules conflicted, and friends who wanted to have me take their pictures just couldn't commit for one reason or another. Nothing was lining up and I was starting to feel irritable. When that happens, all of my creative outlets suffer, not just the photography. The obvious solution for any other photographer would be to just take my camera out and shoot a few still life pics or some nature scenes. But alas, I'm not that kind of photographer. I photograph people in erotic situations. And I'm sorry, but nature just doesn't scream 'erotic' in my book. Hats off to those folks who can orgasm over a tree that fell into a brook, but it's not my style. 

   I also take about three hundred pictures on an average shoot. Sometimes a lot more. I've read a few scathing articles from 'real' photographers who say that people like me who try to 'spray and pray' a shoot are lame, hoping to go back into Photoshop later and fix a lucky shot into something barely passable. Those same photographers also say they can measure light levels, set a scene, make a precise angle and take a great shot the first time. Uh-huh. A professional can do that. They have the time, talent, and resources. They can charge a thousand dollars for a photograph that will be admired and hung on a wall. I'm not doing that. I'm taking regular people who volunteer their time and bodies because it's something sinfully wicked to do on a Saturday night. 

   Those people who bitch about amateurs bug the shit out of me. It isn't that they have talent I don't; I just don't devote my life to the 'craft'. If you want to eat, sleep, shit, and breathe photographic art, be my guest. Me? I'll be in the corner with my wife hitting on your neglected girlfriend who's talking shit about your absurd hours alone with naked women you wish you could fuck on any given Sunday. 

   Sorry, it's way too easy to go off on a tangent. Now where the hell was I... 

   Ah, confession time: my wife flirts online. A lot. I do too, but let’s face it, she gets twenty times the attention I do, and for good reason. She's beautiful, blessed with gorgeous breasts and an ass that makes me want to find a paddle every time she walks by. Now stick with me, this is important: Over the last year we're expanded our marriage to include terms like monogamish and committed non-monogamy. Yeah, we're trying to figure out what that means, too. The closest I can tell so far is that they're adult versions of 'friends with benefits'. We've had a few threesomes and played with friends separately once or twice. We're not into swingers clubs, bars, or mass fetish gatherings where there's wall to wall sex. We're just not wired that way. 

   Cyber-ing, cybersex, or sexting? Yeah, that is a lot easier to jump into and we have. Numerous times. I've gone down on her while she read an erotic story over Skype; I spanked her once on a live-feed for a cam site. I even masturbated standing over her while she had a pretty hot time over the voice channel. She made the loudest wet squelching noises I think I've ever heard for her online friend to hear. I call them her toyfriends and I came right before she did. It was really fucking hot to see the reflection of the computer screen on her wet stomach while her favorite toy brought her off. 

   Anyway, my wife was also feeling really worked up right before the Christmas shoot because she was getting some really hot sexts from her throng of admirers. So much so that she wanted to snap a few phone shots of her clitoris to send around. Well, that required a trip to the barber shop and an intimate shave. Never a dull moment, huh? 

   So that night was pretty hot, but it didn't do anything about the 'bug'. I needed to set up a photo shoot soon or it was going to kill me. The next morning after we ran a few quick errands, (hey, donuts don't fetch themselves.) my wife surprised me by saying she was going to take a quick shower, and after that if I wanted to snap a few shots, I could click my little heart out. 

   Well, damn. This was a unique instance because we usually photographed her at night after the kids went to bed. This was going to be during the day while they were at school and I had a hardline appointment to attend which left me with about three hours to set-up, rig lights, assemble her wardrobe, and then execute a Christmas shoot. I told her time was going to be tight, but she just smiled at me as the bathroom door closed. 

   The other times I photographed my wife; it ended up in a really hot session of kinky fucking. She loves to show off for an audience or a camera, and I love to let her. But this time was going to be different. We weren't going to have time to fuck like minks. Maybe not even fuck at all. 

   Our living room was already clean, but I still needed to prepare. I moved the couch, pushed the coffee table aside, and moved the floor lamps. I tried to give myself enough room to move, but I also wanted to frame my shots so I could get the bulk of the Christmas tree in the center of the frames. I set up a portable heater, gathered a few reading lamps from my bedroom and then changed the batteries in my camera. Finding the damn memory card took longer than I wanted, but I could still hear the water running in the shower so I didn't stress over it. I took a few sample shots and played with the red blanket I laid on the floor in front of the tree. I threw a pillow from my bed in for good measure so she could use it to prop up her ass or her head, whichever we ended up photographing most. Once I was happy that all the background chaos I created wasn't going to leak into my shots I went to set up her wardrobe and accessories. 

   I love to use elements in my photographs. It not only helps me have a focal point but it helps distract my model. The worst thing in the world for me is having someone become way too self-conscious of the way they're sitting, or smiling, or blinking their eyes. Once they're over-thinking it, it comes across in the picture and it looks fake. I like to take natural photographs of the moments between the pristine orderly shots that other people take. Somehow that's more real to me. That realism is what excites me. Art is a measure of beauty, but erotica is a measure of sexuality. That's not to say my work is better, in fact I'm almost positive it’s critically worse, but it's what I like. 

   Ultimately I wanted to photograph a good Santa, and a bad Santa. Black, white, red. I was going to colorsplash red elements over a black and white photograph and see how hot I could get my wife before I had to leave. The shower stopped as soon as I reached our bedroom door. She dried herself off, used the blow drier, and started in on her makeup. Plenty of time left. 

   I picked out two Santa hats, one with white trim, the other with black, and set them out near the tree. I followed it up with a pair of black stockings, a white body stocking, and a handful of her favorite toys, some lubricant, a towel, a thick leather paddle, a crop, and a glass of coke on ice. While I waited, I tossed out a spare string of colored lights. Never hurts to be prepared. 

   I also brought up an Ikea-born light-up ottoman from the basement. I'd wanted to use it as a prop ever since I bought it and I figured I'd throw it into the mix and use it if we got the chance. 
Once I was confident that I had a good two-outfit shoot set up I waited by the bathroom door and for her to finish. I told her what had I lain out and what I was looking for: I wanted to give Santa a hard-on, and she was going to help. She told me she wanted to get a few shots for some of her toyfriends. They had made a request or two. Busted. 

   So she wanted to tease a few men and a woman or three. No problem. As long as I got mine, she was welcome to get her friends off in the process. With about fifty minutes left on the clock I had her rush into the first outfit and set her up in front of the tree. We snapped a few cute shots in the white body stocking while she wore the white hat. Strictly PG-13. Nothing too risqué to start with, I mean she had her ankles crossed and her arms covering her nipples, for god sake. But after a few minutes of me talking with her about what she wanted to do for her toyfriends she relaxed a bit and slipped into a few different positions. 

   Eventually she let me get a few greedy shots of her neatly trimmed pussy. Damn she looked good. I ran my fingers over her lips a few times and she chewed at her bottom lips. She was already looking ready to fuck, but I didn't set all that up to come away with nothing but a wink and a nod. 

I got a few shots of her tits pushed and the tree in the background and then a few of her legs; crossed and wide open. I had her straddle the Ikea lamp, then lean in over it with her tits mashed against the top. The light radiated up against her face, but not as bright as I wanted. The daylight was playing hell on my shadows. When she leaned back to stretch I couldn't resist and ran my fingers up and down her pussy again. She was so completely wet I slipped in two fingers and then pulled back to take her picture. She groaned and asked me to get her phone. 

   I let her take a few self-portraits for her fans and then told her to get her ass changed. I had less than twenty minutes to do the second set. When she came out in the black hat and stockings she was swaying her hips. I smacked her ass the moment she turned her back to me. She let out a yelp but reached the paddle before I could get my hands on it and threw it across the room. As a consolation, I handed her favorite glass dildo. It was long with a thick head, but the real attraction for me was the swirl of red and white that ran through the length of it. It was as close to a candy cane as we could get and looking back, it photographed damn well. 

   She smiled and let me click a few shots of her sucking the head, and then a few more of her pressing it up between her tits. When I reached over to grab the lubricant, she started to snap her own pics with her phone. It drives me fucking nuts when she does that without asking. I'm trying to take pictures and I have to dodge her damn arm sticking out at a right angle. It kills my frame, and makes her look like a preening damn parakeet. 

   She smiled up at me as I snatched her phone and wet her toy. She smirked and started to rub my cock through my pants. She cooed about how she was going to suck my cock and make me cum, but I stepped back and handed her the slippery glass shaft. She shook her head and leaned back. I set the camera down and spread her labia with one hand, and then shoved her toy all the way into her until the base hung in mid-air. She yelped and complained about the cold, but I just wiped my hands on the towel and picked up the camera. I got two shots off before she reached down and started to pull it out. The moment it cleared her, I stuck my head in and shoved my tongue into her. Despite the lubricant she still tasted good. She moaned and lifted her hips so I jabbed my tongue at her clit. I backed up long enough to take a few more shots of her teasing herself, and then a dozen more with the toy moving in and out. 

   I let her play while she snapped a few on her phone and then wrapped her ankles in the spare light string. My phone alarm started ringing before I could get the first shot off, but I let it go long enough to capture the last few shots of the session. 

   She told me to go, despite how fucking turned on I was, and during the entire drive to my appointment she kept sending me the pictures she took after I left. By the look of her face she came like a damn freight train, and the fact that she shared those same pictures with her toyfriends was priceless.


  1. Hot. Plain and simple. And...where are the pics? I love hearing about the process, though. Especially the mental process behind it. Art is mostly about the craft...all the stuff no one sees. All the hard work that is usually never recognized. And I completely understand the whole beef with professional artists who think they are better than others simply because they have the time and resources to be better. I guess I could be better too if I was willing to give up health insurance and going to my kid's events. But, a lot of us just do it to do it (yeah...I meant it both ways). Thanks for this little peek into your head...and living room.

    1. Thanks so much. Great point about the Health Insurance and family obligations.

  2. Much like you, I'm an amateur photographer who uses self-portraiture to capture the erotic, and the type of sensuality or carnality bubbling up through my skin at that moment.

    It's always wonderful to gain an insight into the process of another, especially when it contains such sexy details...

    1. Birds of a feather, right? You're very welcome. Consider this post my token of appreciation for all the support you (and our other blogging conspirators) have given me over the last year.

  3. How wonderful to have the opportunity to share your passions with your wife! Your writing is uniquely predisposed to invite the reader into the room and the thought process. It's an enjoyable adventure!


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