Thursday, April 5, 2012

Timing Is Everything

Everything takes time.  Time to learn, to love.  We make time, cheat time, borrow time, beg it to move faster or slower on a whim.  We defy it and in turn it takes a heavy toll on us all.
  We sustain, endure, and accept. 
 We adapt.

Every memory we manage to steal from it is like a capsule that is guarded from its reach.  Every photograph we etch into our minds becomes an immortal sentinel that will stand defiant against time's inexorable sifting through the glass.

We race the clock for better or worse and live behind our lenses so that we will always remember how you lived in front of them.  


  1. Yes, indeed.

    Wonderfully sultry shot...

  2. Very well put. My favorite way of capturing time is to write about it, and reading it later, refreshing my memory of "that time."

    1. I agree. Having a way to store our memories is an invaluable part of life.


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