Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Anatomy Of Desire

       Every hour of every day I am grateful for the ability to pursue my dreams.  I have the means, the time, and the support of my closest friends and family.  Everything I've ever wanted to do has become: but I've had to want it.

       Not in a casual way, mind you.  Not like how I might want a day off to relax down by the river and drink cocktails until dawn, but want it like a cancer removed.

       There is a core of molten determination inside me that churns like magma, and only on the rarest of occasions does it rise to the surface in an explosion of willful release.  

       Photography churns the depths.  It stirs the cauldron and it makes me want.  Over the life of this blog, and as the evolution of 'Octavia' will inevitably continue, I have seen my perceptions change.  I also realize now that I want them to.  

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