Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That Familiar Maddening Thrill

       I sat across from you with my drink cradled gently in my hands.  Your favorite song played softly in the other room.  I told you that you looked wonderful, but you smiled in a way that told me you though I was wrong.  It used to only take words...

       I told you about my day, my trials, and triumphs.  I glanced out the window as a young couple passed and I took a sip of my martini.  The ice brushed my lips gently.  When I looked back at you, your head was tilted back and your hands gently caressed the front of your breasts.  Suddenly I couldn't remember what I was talking about and my throat felt dry.  It's been years, but still you turn my head in circles.  You fuse my heart and lust until I can't tell where one starts and the other ends.

       But I also knew how to tease you, too.  I smiled in a way I hoped was more devilish than dimpled and told you how much you were distracting me.  You just smiled and sighed.  I took another sip and then whispered your secret name.  You closed your eyes and turned lazy circles over your nipples with your fingertips.  I asked if you remembered my birthday, when you pretended to be my private escort.  Your smile told me all I needed to know.  That and your nipples: I could easily see how hard they were.  But I wasn't even near finished with you, no, not by a long shot.  I asked if you remembered the way I took control of us, the way I made you slowly strip for me in the dim light?

       I still have the ropes I used to tie you down to the coffee table.  The blindfold I used was just the scarf you leave hanging on the back of our bedroom door, but it worked well enough.  My god you were so fucking hot, spread open, tied down, blindfolded, waiting for me to touch you, and to slap your waiting ass.  And I did.  Several times.

       I teased you while you were trapped before me, bent over and vulnerable.  I dripped my ice-cold martini down the crack of your ass and after each shudder you gave against the cold, I licked you from your clit to the small of your back.  I watched you for several minutes at a time between caresses, too.  My god you were beautiful.

       That was the reason I dusted off the camera.  I needed to keep that moment with me forever.  Not because I was dominating you but because at the same time you were dominating me.  Topping me from below.  You were my slave, but subtly working her master to satisfy your own needs as easily as a mantis.  And I did satisfy them.  The orgasms you had rocked you to the core and made you moan long and loud more often than you had in months, maybe ever.

       When I finally released you, you were spent but wild.  That look in your eyes was bliss and wickedness.   Just like the one you shot me now, sitting across from me with my drink cradled gently in my hands.  Your favorite song fading from the other room only to be replaced by mine.  Yes, My Love, it still only takes words.


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    1. Thanks, there are moments in life that scream out to the world...this was one of them.


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