Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Black And White

       Black and white imagery is a favorite of mine.  It hides so many imperfections in light, color, contrast, and hue.  I've resisted the idea of hi-def television and billion-pixel image-capturing cameras because I don't always want to see every pore of a performer on my screen.  I want to imagine.
       For me, Erotic Photography follows a similar train of thought.  My images aren't about super-fine detail or beautifully sharp edges defined under perfect conditions; it's about capturing an idea.  Sometimes, for no discernible reason, an image just works.  Of the millions of erotic images I've found on the web through search engine image galleries, only a select few can truly be called beautiful and worth my attention.  They are photographers who possess a level of talent I can only aspire to meet.  I study the work of those artisans not because they're famous or even the most talented of people; but because they stirred an idea in me.  There was a vision brought to my mind and I want to know how they managed to trigger it.
       I long for the kind of world where you can't see the wires.  Where looking for the man behind the curtain isn't only forbidden, it's unquestionable.

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  1. I feel the very same about black and white photographs and erotic photography. The images that linger in my mind's eye as well as my body are the ones that capture the nuances, the shades of grey of desire.

    I know I try to do just that when I shoot my own body. In the end, it isn't about capturing the detail but rather the body in a state of desiring.

    Sultry image to accompany your thoughtful piece...


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