Saturday, January 14, 2012

Real and Imagined

       There is something compelling about real people living out their sexual fantasies.  Real people in real poses doing what feels natural to them.  Real photographs are so vastly superior to the staged wax-coated illusions that flood the media.  It'd polluted our minds with a false ideal of real beauty.  Everyone is attracted to a different beacon of perfection: tall, short, blond, shaved, full, sleek, or curvy.  It isn't just my biased view either, the evidence lives in every photograph that can capture our imaginations and make us not only pulse with desire, but also with wonder at what else may be happening just past the edges of the frame that we can't see.  It's in seeing people like us, living out what we only wish we could if we could just be like them.  I have news for you, we ARE them.
       I think that we need to encourage our sexual imaginations.  We need to feed them and give them something that brings them out of the closed little world we hide them in.  There have been far too many times that I have heard about men, women, and couples who never experiment with each other or themselves.  They never push their own boundaries to see what lies outside of their comfort zones.  There are experiences out in the world for the taking, waiting for us all.
       There's strength in numbers, and we're not alone.

       This shot was also taken with a Canon Powershot SX10.  The picture was altered using an iphone app called Colorsplash.  The photo session was unscripted and some of the most fun I've ever had in photography.

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