Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Dreams

As intangible as a dream, our feelings cannot be recreated outside of the moment when they were lived.
  A picture won't let us hear the laughter, smell the frosting of a cake, or feel the warmth of a lover's skin.  

The best we can do is capture these moments and bend them to our desires with revisionist history, showing what we want to have remembered. It's an art.  It's joy.  But most importantly it's the most real form of magic that anyone can accomplish.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish.

The night started out like so many others.  Tyce and I had talked about for weeks, but it still ended up the same way.  Our counselor said we needed to schedule more time together alone, without the kids, for 'us time'.  Obviously he didn't know what it meant to trade stellar earnings reports with three governments and sixteen bloodthirsty shareholders.  The time he spent juggling political hand grenades made our lives financially comfortable, but it felt damned lonely watching Tyce walk out of our life at a moment’s notice.  And yes, I was a smidgen more than bitter about it.  

But this Christmas was going to be different.  We’d made arrangements.  The calls were going to be handled; the meetings were scheduled to be attended by Tyce's CFO.  The world wasn't going to burn down around our ears for one night without him.  For my part I arranged for our precious cherubs to be corrupted by the finest grandmother this side of Alpha-Centauri.  They were already amped on gingerbread and hot chocolate, staying up so late it was nearly morning.  I was getting regular texts that detailed the arrangements they’d made until finally I got a picture of them asleep on the couch where they’d waited for the sound of reindeer on the roof.  They were also on the other side of the planet.  Close enough to get to them in a few hours in an emergency, but not so close as to come home when one of them stole the other's last marshmallow.

Our plan was as simple as it was romantic.  Candles were lit everywhere, the dinner was catered from the restaurant where Tyce proposed to me.  We had our wedding china set for two, the music was via live-stream of the Philharmonic where we first dated and then attended religiously every Christmas until we moved out to Theta.  I spent the afternoon getting ready, while he did the same.  We avoided each other as if warding off a prenuptial curse.  It was sweet, thinking back on it now.

I had my long dark hair styled and flocked with a gold and silver shimmer.  The way it was pulled up left my neck open for Tyce to kiss while the few stray wisps of my bangs framed my face like a portrait of seduction.  My makeup was a maddening application of almost nothing.  I used the thinnest coat of eyeliner, a hint of mascara, a breath of blush.  It was the best job I'd done in years.  I had bought a strapless black dress that hugged my chest and hips, but then flowed like water down to my toes.  It felt like satin on my skin, and the bra and panties were a lace pattern as smooth as the dress itself.  I wore blue diamonds in my ears and around my neck; the same ones I wore at our wedding.  My fingernails and toes were kept natural, but I had them buffed and they reflected the candle flames like mirrors.  The thin strapped heels added a delicious three inches that made me exactly the same height as Tyce.

He chose to wear a very elegant-looking tuxedo.  The jacket was an impressive cut that showed off his chest.  It tapered down to his waist matched seamlessly to the waist.  When I first saw him I thought he looked so relaxed.  Even polished to the nines he looked like he was born to dress elegantly every day of his life.  His black hair was also perfectly tousled, and every grey hair he had gleamed like tinsel.  He wore the watch I'd given him on our first anniversary, too.  It wouldn't pay for even a single cufflink that he had on now, but he'd still had it polished up and it was great to see it on his wrist again.  I also wondered how long he’d been waiting for me by the bay windows that overlooked the dark skyline.  The way the distant planets glowed behind him was breathtaking.
I saw the ghost of my reflection in the glass as I walked up to him and took the flute he offered.  The orchestra started to play softly in the background, right on cue.  He turned his head toward the speakers and smiled.  My god how his eyes lit up with the memory of what we heard.  It's funny how a sound can take you back in time faster than any machine.  He took my hand and led me closer to the fireplace as we talked for a while.  We went back and forth about the songs, about the food waiting for us on the table, but we weren't in any hurry.  It was the most relaxing half-hour we'd had alone in a long time.

When I went to refill our glasses I brought the remote control I’d set aside back with me.  I'd been working on the design of our Christmas tree for weeks, placing ornaments and lights.  I spent countless hours uploading images, spacing the branches and making sure none of them would bleed into the light from the fireplace.  I held out the control and his glass, then stepped back from him and let him do the honors.  The wide open space in front of the fireplace suddenly erupted with light and the reflected glitter and glow from more than a thousand ornaments.  The virtual tree was fifteen feet tall, and the wide base stretched from the hearth to my knees.  His mouth actually hung open for a moment before he stood up and stared from tip to base before looking at me. 
 "Jorna, you made this?"
"Every single needle and bulb.  Let me show you."  I took his hand and pulled him into the center of the tree and held him close.  "You see the ball near the top?  It has our wedding picture engraved in the ice."  I said pointing above our heads through the cluster of virtual lights and branches.  "And over there is Xavier, and there's Belle over there."
He looked over the tree with the same look I'd seen in the eyes of our son, Xavier, when he looked over a new video game.  His eyes moved constantly, trying to take everything in at once.  "This is amazing, Jorna.  I love the snowflakes, and the icicles are radiant."  He turned around to the fireplace and knelt down.  "They look beautiful against the fireplace, too."

I felt myself blush and covered it by taking another sip of champagne.  We held hands and drifted slowly to the table.  We sat with our eyes torn between the planets, the tree, and each other.  It felt like the perfect Christmas Eve.  We talked for a few hours, about nothing and everything in bursts as we ate.  The more we spoke, the more words rushed out of us.  We were rediscovering each other again.  He was charming, detailed, and so damned sexy when he spoke about his dreams.  He made them seem tangible, like I could reach out and take them in my hands if I wanted to.  And he listened to me; he soaked up every sound I made and kept thirsting for more.

And then the most incredible thing happened: the power went out.  We were plunged into darkness and silence, and then a distant ‘wump’ from an explosion ricocheted off of the steel canyon walls of the city beneath us. Everything rattled in the darkness.  We stood and looked out over the rooftops, waiting.  Then both of our phones rang.  Tyce had left his in the kitchen and I toward our bedroom.  The public safety message was vague, but it tried to assure me that everything was being done to restore vital systems as fast and safely as possible.  The way that it didn’t expressly say that it wasn’t a stellar attack was a bit ominous, but when I carried my phone back to the living room windows I could see the clear starfield above us.
When the announcement started to repeat, I turned it off and sent a quick message cross-world just to check in on the holiday revelers.  The minute and a half holding my phone in the dark felt eternal.  The reply confirmed that whatever was happening was isolated to our own little corner of existence.  I could hear Tyce in the kitchen, and it sounded like a volcano was about to erupt.  There was an edge to his voice that he gets when he’s becoming focused on something.  Like an eagle searching for prey.  If they had any sense, whoever was on the other end of the phone would have been looking for a good place to hide.  

Regardless, I could also hear the writing on the wall.  It was the sounds of the world encroaching in on us.  It was also gratifying in a way: that an explosion was needed to break down our walls.  Within a minute he’d be moving toward his office down the hall.  The dynamo generators would fire up and the meetings would start.  And, as if reading my mind, the kitchen door opened.  The scowl etched across his face in the light of his phone told me everything I needed to know.  His eyes hung onto mine for an instant longer than they usually did and he looked out the windows toward the horizon for just a moment before glancing at me again.  I smiled despite myself and nodded toward his office.  He straightened up and turned down the hall.  I turned to stare out the window for a minute longer, and then drained my flute.  I could hear the hum of the generators starting as I picked up the bottle and carried it to the couch.

The fireplace was still warm, even though the fire had died out.  The gas lies were still intact, but the dark hearth had something to do with the ventilation system.  I made a quick couple of texts on my phone and by the time I was done, the backup systems of the building were online.  The air system came back on, and with the press of a button, the fireplace glowed brightly again.  I watched the flames for a moment, and then turned the tree back on.  I slipped out of my heels and pulled my feet up under me on the couch.  I slipped a few code changes into the tree’s interface and the whole thing started to slowly rotate.  I had planned to show it to Tyce in the morning, but it seemed like a shame to waste it now.

The more that I drank from the bottle the more I felt like I wanted to hate what had happened to us, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I couldn’t make the desire outweigh the warm bubbly glow I felt from the champagne.  I’d never thought of myself as an angry drunk, more…flirtatious.  And I could certainly feel the warmth radiating from the fireplace now.  I thought about turning down the thermostat, but the light from the flames dancing in time with the glow of the tree was too beautiful to interrupt.  With the bottle empty, I leaned back against the soft cushions and felt my eyes get heavy.  

I think I must have drifted off for a moment, because I suddenly felt a warm sensation press against the side of my face.  It lingered for a moment and then slowly slid down my neck to my collarbone.  I opened my eyes slowly, still feeling that full-body warmth that the champagne had filled me with.  I could see the tree shimmering and suddenly smelled pine.  It was deep woodland pine like the kind in the richest forests back on earth.  It smelled timeless and powerful.  The more I stared at the tree, the stronger the smell became.  I felt another warm sensation on my other cheek and it too lingered for a moment before dropping to my neck and settling against my collarbone.  The feeling faded and the smell of the forest was slowly joined by gingerbread, baking apples, and nutmeg.  It was as if every scent of Christmas was filling my lungs.  It created a heady sensation thicker than anything you could possibly pour into a glass.
Warmth spread from my forehead to my cheeks and then moved down to my neck again.  It caressed me, and then changed direction and moved to the back of my neck.  I felt it seep into my muscles, moving in slow circles against my spine and then it moved out toward my shoulders and upper back.  I lowered my head and closed my eyes.  I’d never enjoyed a sensation like it before.  The warmth moved back and forth for what must have been half an hour or longer while my mind drifted on the scents in the air.  I breathed deep, deeper, and then I noticed something new, a smell closer to the fireplace, like the wood from a hearth on Christmas morning.  It was the perfect addition that made everything else complete.

The warmth at my neck spread out to my shoulders again, but instead of returning to my spine, it started to spread down over the top of my shoulders and drift over my arms.  It moved just as slowly as before, as if time was inconsequential.  It lingered and seeped into my muscles making me fall deeper into the trance I enjoyed.  I remembered moaning lightly, but like on the edge of dream where I didn’t know If I’d actually done it or not.  Further down my arms and back up, lower down my arms, and then back to my shoulders.  The feeling drifted down my back and stopped at the edge of my dress and pooled over the zipper in the back.  The warmth hesitated there and I arched my back just enough to open a space.  I felt the fabric shift as I moved and then I stretched it tight and the zipper parted a fraction.  It was all it took.  The warmth seeped down over my back and as I pressed against the couch cushions the zipper parted even further.  The more skin that I exposed the more that delicious warmth touched me.  The more I enjoyed it, the stronger the scents filling the room became.

When the zipper finally stopped at my waist, I could feel the movement spread over my exposed back.  It went from my spine out to my shoulders, down over the clasp of my bra and then to the edge of the dress at my waist.  The heat of the fireplace felt so good against my face that I reached up and pulled the front of my dress down.  Instantly the warmth coiled around me in its arms.  The sensation moved from my back to the tops of my breasts and it cooled over the lace of my bra, but heated up deliciously again as it reached my stomach.  I remember letting myself sink into the feeling, but it wasn’t long before I wanted more.  I leaned forward where I was sitting on the couch and shifted until I was able to bring my legs out of the dress.  I stretched out on top of it and the feeling of rapture against my skin traced over every part of me.  It wasn’t just one sensation anymore, either.  I felt the warmth multiply.  Heat against my shoulder rubbed slowly into my muscles while another gentle pressure kneaded my calves.  I felt it against my arms and my hips, too.  Cooler sensations worked at the lace, as if tracing the pattern with the faintest of winter kisses.  I lifted myself up so that I was sitting on my knees again and I could see a dozen small versions of myself in the distorted reflections of the ornaments on the tree.  I looked so wanton, yet peaceful, so innocent, and so damned sexy.  I suddenly felt like a winter goddess.

A wicked idea crossed my mind and I stared at my revolving reflections as I reached back to unhook my bra.  The lace clung to my nipples but the warmth encircling me moved toward my chest.  I watched as the cloth fell from my shoulders into my lap.  I felt heat reach into my breasts and I closed my eyes as I felt it lift them, savoring the feel of me as much as I savored it.  My nipples hardened, and the heat multiplied again.  My knees parted and I felt the same winter breath flutter down over my abdomen and trace the pattern covering my labia.  Heat swallowed over me.  It saturated my neck, shoulders, back, breasts, thighs, calves, stomach, nipples, and pressed greedily against the wetness growing hotter between my legs.  I remember leaning back and feeling the roaming moments of heat circle me.  I lifted my hips and hooked my thumbs into my waistband.  I hesitated, but only because I wanted to savor the feeling of my panties leaving my clitoris.  I clung to them so faintly, but it was enough to send a chill through me that only fed the warmth surrounding me. 

The moment the panties left my ankles the sensations swarming around me intensified.  I gasped as the hint of winter’s breath traced a lazy pattern across my labia.  It circled my clitoris even as the heat massaged my upper thighs.  Heat teased my nipples, it startled my body with a cool touch that lasted just long enough to make me start panting for more.  I arched my back and the warmth responded.  I opened my legs and the cool breath responded.  I reached down to touch my own wetness and the heat multiplied again.  I felt enveloped, wrapped completely, and the feelings coursing over my skin were incredible.  I felt like I had a hundred hands caressing me so tenderly, with just enough pressure that I had to have more.

I heard the crackling of logs on a fire and the smell of the hearth grew more intense.  The heat intensified to match it.  I moaned again as my fingers found my clitoris and began a slow circular motion that seemed to stir the winter breath as it kept time to my ministrations.  I used my other hand to slip a finger inside me and the cool breath followed.  I caught a glimpse of me spread open in the ornaments of the tree and I smiled at myself.  I thought I heard an ornament clink as it rotated, and then the sound of crackling wood filled my ears again.  I felt my finger slip inside me deeper and I curled into myself.  I moaned deeply and turned onto my stomach.  I lifted my hips up but turned my head so that I could keep an eye on myself in the cascading reflections.  My thoughts were filled with visions of the deep woods again, and I could feel myself being lost to a fantasy I’d never had before.  

I imagined the sound of sleigh bells and the scent of the woods that gave way to the musk of reindeer.  I added another finger to myself and felt a constant throb of the winter breath as it tried to fill me.  I was pushing in time with it, rocking my hips to meet myself.  Heat suddenly swelled against my ass where I imagined a welt from a strap.  My nipples felt pinched beneath me and I ground down even harder against them.  The reins of a sleigh filled my mind, and I envisioned being tied, spread open as I waited for anything.  I pressed my thighs apart painfully and added a third finger to myself.  The coolness was pushed out and it felt like it separated around my fingers.  I felt it tickle my ass and collect against my clit.  I pumped into myself and bit back a scream as I came.  I almost choked from the effort, but I didn’t want the feeling to stop.  As my fingers retreated, that coldness rushed into me.  I felt it from my lips to my core, deeper than anything I’d ever felt.  I felt myself rocking back and forth, swaying my hips against nothing like a lover who was taking me deeply from behind.  I pushed myself up on my hands and knees and lowered my head as my nipples were pinched again.  I could smell everything of Christmas, I could even feel it coming.  I let it take me wherever it wanted.

I pulled my arms tightly to my sides and imagined being bound by a massive black belt.  I could almost feel the coldness of the buckle against my back.  Between gasps I could just make out the scent of the leather.  I felt another rush of heat against the cheeks of my ass and it was like a silent strike that lingered with every crack of a sleigh whip.  I could feel a pattern of welts rising.  At the same time the feeling pressing steadily between my labia was relentless and agonizingly beautiful.  I felt another rush of heat on my ass, and then on my breasts.  It became o blur of sensations before a rush of wickedly intense cold filled me.  It was like an ice cube had slipped inside me and pooled against my cervix.  My muscles clamped down on it in a spasm that almost turned into a cramp that could have crippled me but it didn’t.  It warmed just enough to keep me on edge and almost instantly I gasped as an orgasm wracked through me.  

I panted against the couch trying to catch my breath and I imagined another belt strap and how it would feel wrapped around my thighs.  I thought about how it would feel to be bound so I couldn’t let the coldness penetrating me slip out.  I knew what was coming next and I pressed my forehead against the couch while I waited.  Heat rushed against my thighs, my calves, and my ass.  It coated me in warmth, again and again, slowly melting the cold and making my hips sway.  When I felt the breath of winter against the edge of my ass, I was ready.  I turned my head and caught a glimpse of myself.  In my imagination my body was bound, arms folded at the elbow and tight to my sides, legs strapped together with my hips up in the air.  The cold entered me.  I felt a rush of heat everywhere but in my ass as it slipped into me just as fully as it was between the lips of my vagina.  I groaned, begging without words, thrusting back against the empty air as heat surged through my clitoris and burned against my nipples.  My orgasms suddenly started to come in waves.  One peaked after another, from my chest to my core, from my ass to my clitoris, then back to my nipples.  I became lost, bucking against myself until I felt another jet of ice pierce me.  The shock of it made me choke on my breath and I felt locked, frozen in my final orgasm, waiting to see if I would ever breathe again.  
When I finally stole a breath, I slowly leaned forward and felt my imaginary bonds loosen.  I stretched my arms and separated my thighs.  I turned onto my back and looked up at the tree, watching the lights move in a lazy pattern against the ceiling.  I felt the gentle warmth touching me again, but I could tell it was fading.  It kept its touch on me for every moment it could, lingering against my skin.  After a while the smells of Christmas faded too, but slower than the warmth against my neck.  First it was the nutmeg and the leather, then the pine forests and the apples.  

After it was all but gone I glanced down at the far end of the couch.  Against the arm and mostly hidden from view was a hint of color that I hadn’t noticed before.  I crawled over to it and pulled out a gilded package that had a note from Tyce to me.  I smiled and opened the present.  Inside was a white blanket so soft it could have been the down of an angel.  He’d always promised me a white Christmas, and it seemed he had found a way to deliver one.  I pulled it over me on the couch and watched the tree turn.  My eyes fluttered and my head was slipping into sleep.  I was thinking back on everything, trying to savor the feeling when I saw a hint of soot at the base of the hearth.  In the twinkling light, it almost looked like a boot.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Silver Rose

 The Silver Rose.

That incessant sound from the slot machines still rang in my ears even after we left the casino floor. I felt every pulse of the electronic chimes behind my eyes, kicking like a spoiled child. Julian was oblivious, as usual. There were times when he could see things in people that defied my imagination. He was able to capitalize on the most subtle nuances of human behavior; and then at other times, he was barely more perceptive than pocket lint. That night was shaping up to be of the lint variety.

The moment we turned away from the card table, I could see twenty pairs of eyes on us. Most were awed, maybe even a little jealous, but the others were less than star struck. Those were the ones I had to keep my mind on even as Julian was dropping 100k tokens of affection around the room like a barker at a carnival. The casino security staff noticed it, too because they moved in like a riptide. We were ushered toward the closest exit from the floor without a word and funneled through the inner winding halls of the hotel. I made eye contact with the security lead and he nodded. He didn't even look down at the over-priced diamond necklace that parted the generous cleavage I'd put on display. That was the mark of a professional. Distractions like a beautiful set of tits could get your ribs separated by a slim piece of metal while your eyes were diverted.

We emerged into the lobby near the restrooms and Julian stopped dead, nearly knocking us all into each other like a clown posse. He turned for the bathroom door and I followed after him. The difference in etiquette between the men’s room and the women’s is that after all's said and done, men won't look at each other. Women do. We look at our hair, our makeup, the color of our shoes, the way our bra shows through our blouses. We’ll even tell each other if our nipples aren't showing evenly. Men are focused on what they need to do and don't say a damn thing out of fear of looking gay.

Julian found the closest urinal and the two men further down the line coughed and startled while I stood there. They turned deeper against the porcelain and clung to the privacy panels until they were good and well put away. They even made a point to wash their hands before stealing glimpses of my tits in the mirror. It was all part of the game Julian liked to play. He even started to whistle his little theme song. One of these days, just to piss him off, I'd like to wait outside and let him get rolled in a stall. But what lesson would he learn from that? None, he'd just pawn it off as luck, or booze, or my damn fault for not being there to prevent it.

Once he'd finished preening in front of the mirror like a parakeet, he led me back out to the waiting security detail. Outside the front doors I could see our car had been brought up and I waited for Julian to stop dicking around so we could just leave, but then he spotted a trampy little brunette talking to one of her friends near the front desk. He smiled to the security lead and winked; the bastard actually winked back.

The casino security personnel were good at one thing, and that was protecting the casino. They were as anxious as I was to get Julian off the premises. Once a winner cleared the glass doors to their hotel, he was going to be my responsibility alone and they wanted to wash their hands of us both. But Don Juan Julian had one last finger to wave at the world. He must have looked so grandiose as he crossed the lobby with me and six hulking men in suits following behind him like some kind of secret-service entourage. The girls stopped mid-sentence to watch him approach. I stayed back far enough not to let the oil from Julian's mouth get on me. The girls laughed, they giggled at all the right places and then they smiled and slinked up to him on either side. He wrapped an arm around each of them and swept them toward the door. I just tried to ignore the bile in the back of my throat and followed after him.

The security detail and I fanned out on the entryway and secured a close perimeter while I took the keys from the valet. Julian led his friends toward the back seat while I did a quick overview of the car. I used the pocket scanner to verify that all the engine seals were still in place and that the onboard computers were in sync. The fluid weights and overall mass of the car was also unchanged. Julian tried the door, but I hesitated out of defiance. He pulled, and then pulled again. The blonde under his left arm laughed along with him and I felt my eyes roll toward the back of my head as I unlocked the doors. The lead of the security detail nodded to me as I got behind the wheel, and then gave the smallest smile. His eyes darted to my chest before he broke into a wry grin before he turned to lead his men inside.

I put up the partition between the front and back seats and flexed my jaw to release the pressure in my head. I glanced back through the mirror and saw the dark haired woman was shoving her tongue down Julian's throat. I hit the tint button on the dash a little harder that I wanted to but the partition darkened nicely. I child-locked the doors, turned on the camera for the passenger interior, and turned the monitor low so I didn't have to watch. At least if they fucked him to death, there would be indisputable evidence and they'd be trapped with his body.

I turned out of the drive onto Morocco Springs road and headed south. The sun was still a few hours away and the night looked clear enough to see all the way to Port Isthma. Isla Minor had been steadily growing its tourist base for the last few years and it was finally showed the fruit of its hard work. The streets were clean, the lights low and clear. Even the Spaceport was tuned to be a fluid exchange now instead of the usual morass of lines, surly attendants and restrictions so intense that you'd never think of returning. They'd rerouted all the commercial traffic to the outer beltways, streamlined the inner tourism traffic flow to allow easy travel between hotels and attractions. It was worth whatever they paid their city planner. Even the Casinos themselves seemed to be cooperating with each other instead of grabbing at each other’s throats like in the beginning. It was like they realized all at once that there was more money to be had in partnership than at odds.

The well-lit streets of the tourism district faded a bit as I veered off toward the outlying hills but just as I was starting to enjoy the quiet the partition dropped. The smell of wet pussy and cum hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't look back. I knew what he was going to say even before he opened his mouth.

"Morgan, turn us around, I want to see if there's a room for us back along the lane," he said to the squeals of the women on either side of him. I would have flipped him off, but I knew he would have enjoyed it too much. Instead, I raised the partition again.

"Yeah, Morgan, find us a ro-"

I locked the partition that time, and then turned down the intercom just for good measure. I forced my jaw to unclench as I turned the car around and made a few calls. I didn't want to go back to where we'd just left, and Julian had been to most of the major hotel-casinos this month. The handful that were left were ridiculously expensive, and I felt myself smile just a bit. Fuck him. I ordered a Coronet Suite at the Silver Rose and made sure there was a closed-door bedroom for me. The concierge ensured me the suite would be ready and that their security personnel would be on-hand to escort us inside. I didn't bother telling Julian where we were going and when I glanced down at the monitor, he didn't look like he was in a position to care.

When I pulled up to the front doors of the Silver Rose, I saw about ten people who were obviously security staff waiting, about five that might have been, and I lost count after twenty cameras. The valet was at my door instantly and I waited until Julian managed to collect his things before running a scan of the car. Once it was done I handed the keys over and followed Julian and his 'guests' inside. The concierge met us at the door a few feet into the lobby and led us to the front desk where Julian left me to sign us in and arrange for the deposit. Julian dropped another 10k token on the book the moment I set the pen down. The concierge smiled broadly and swept it right into his pocket. He almost ran ahead to show us to the elevator.

The security group here was tight, but no one made eye contact with me until I reached the elevator doors. When she did, she appeared out of nowhere and made sure she knew I'd seen her before stepping into the elevator with us. She nodded and told her staff to meet us on the upper floor. She saw the way the two succubuses were glued to Julian's sides and gave the faintest smile that hid a facial tick. I liked her immediately. She was almost a head shorter that I was, blonde, but it looked bottle-brewed. She was wearing a green pant-suit that was fitted to downplay her considerable chest and the weapon she carried. Before she'd even left the elevator, I was convinced that there wasn't only one. The way her hips swayed wasn't only for the effect it gave her ass, but because the gun barrels on her hips would have dug into her skin if she walked any other way. It was why a breast reduction was a necessity for me; it was almost impossible for a cross-draw if your damn boobs kept getting in the way. That and the weight killed my back. The surgeon was heartbroken to see them go, but he sculpted a beautiful masterpiece all the same.

We showed Julian the suite turning the lights on as we went and in our wake, the airheads turned them back out again, giggling and shedding articles of clothing. By the time I was shown my room, I would have loved nothing more than to knock their damn heads together and call it a night. But, the infinite resonating gong of empty space when their heads collided could have brought the universe to an end so I restrained myself. The en-suite to Julian's was more like the traditional hotel fare I was used to. The difference being that it opened into both Julian’s and the main hallway. There were security sensors and monitoring equipment, a handful of cameras in the main common areas as well as a feed to the hotel lobby and the garage. The security lead showed me the control panel and then the house phone. She smiled, then backed out of the room and closed the doors.

I waited for Julian to start living like a rock star. He was going to start with the bar, and then work his way around the world with both of the women he'd brought with him. By the look of the three of them in the back seat of the car, I was willing to put money down that he'd start with the blonde. Once he'd fucked them both, he would order room service. I looked at the clock and felt a fresh wave of tension in my shoulders. I had about three hours before he'd need me to answer the door.

I set my handbag aside and moved as fast as I could, making sure both doors were locked and that the security codes were enabled. I undressed in front of the monitors and laid my clothes out for housekeeping to clean. When I stepped into the shower, I let everything from the night just follow the suds down the drain. I soaped myself up and down twice, and then took my time washing my hair. Once I was done, I just stood under the spray watching the water swirl the drain and listened to the sound. If I imagined it just right, it almost sounded like rain.

The towels were softer than anything I'd felt in a long time, and there were robes in sealed bags to match. I slipped into one and made a quick check of the master suite. The security codes were intact and the doors hadn't been touched. The car was parked in the garage, and the lobby was virtually empty. While I waited for the inevitable, I looked through the hotel services guide. The usual staples were there, but in addition to the room service and laundry services, there were twenty-four hour room spa treatments, massages, tailoring, even a fashion consultant. I couldn't remember the last time I'd had a decent massage. I had almost convinced myself to reach for the phone when the door alarm signaled in the master suite. I turned the dial on the camera and saw the blonde trying to open the door. I checked the hallway camera too, then took my card key and slipped into the master suite. The lights were still turned low and from he sounds Julian was making in the bathroom, he'd already discovered Greece with the brunette. The blonde was giggling as she tried to turn the door handle toward the hall. Her panties were on backward, and it was all she was wearing.

"Righty tighty, lefty loosey” I said softly. She spun around and gasped, then saw me standing in my robe. My wet hair hung a bit low over my eyes. She giggled and fell back against the door. I felt a wave of anger flood through me. I had the feeling that I was the only sober person in a room full of drunks. I wanted to slap her just so she would stop having a good time.

"Oh, Maggie, you scared the shit out of me..." She giggled again and tried to stand up. It was painful to watch the amount of effort it took. "Jules said he wanted you to call up room service so we could have something to nibble on."

"Did he say what he wanted to eat?"

She smiled and started to giggle again.

"Besides that." She stumbled again. "Oh, never mind." I left her standing at the door and retreated to the en-suite again. I called down to room service and ordered a small buffet of items. Cheese, crackers, shrimp, a few local delicacies, and some bottled water. As an afterthought, I ordered a bottle of champagne. Once the food had been arranged, I ordered a masseuse. The tension in my neck and thighs was killing me.

The service cart arrived just as Julian started to entertain at the bar again. He was mixing drinks when the busboy knocked at my door.  When I looked up at the monitor, I saw that the security lead was with him. I let them in and listened closely while the busboy rattled off the entrees and horderves. He finished by presenting the champagne for my inspection. I took a small plate worth of tidbits and set it aside before I let him close everything up. He moved to put the champagne away and I held up my hand. "That stays here. I think he's got enough to drink next door, don't you?"

He smiled in a non-committal way and set the ice bucket with the bottle aside. I made a quick check of the cart and then let him through to the master suite. The security lead stayed behind to watch him on the monitor. "Have you been working with him long?" She asked me, her eyes moved to Julian on the screen.

"Almost a year. You?"

"Nearly two. I used to work civilian contracts on the Cutlass ships during the trade wars. Once that settled down, I knew a friend out here who said he could get me working."

"Cutlass ships? What company?" I glanced between her and the screen. Julian was tossing shrimp at the blonde like a dolphin trainer.

"BCIC. They ran government freight. Mostly maintenance supplies.  Paint, engine parts, that kind of thing."

"I worked for EmTech. Guidance circuitry and laser drilling cores."  We both watched the screen. Julian was trying to get the busboy to take a body shot off of the brunettes back. "I suppose I should go put a stop to that."

"Conner can handle himself. The hotel policy is to make the client as happy as possible. Even if it means stepping out of our comfort zones a little."

"You're kidding."

"I wish. On the bright side, they also train us in about seventy different ways to politely say no."

"And which option are you?"


Conner finally struck the right cord with Julian and he was allowed to transfer the contents of the cart to the table and head toward the door. "Do you follow everyone up during the night hours?"

"Hotel policy. There have been so many lawsuits and claims of abuse that it's not worth the risk anymore."

"Then you might as well stick around because I called for a massage."

"What, he's not even going to eat?"

I laughed a bit and it felt good. "No, not for him. Me." I sat on the edge of the bed in front of the screen and watched the monitor. I took a few bites from the plate and nodded toward the champagne.  "Want to make me happy? Crack that thing open. Hotel policy."

She smiled and shook her head, but then looked up at the monitor. The blonde had disappeared under the table in front of Julian. "Excuse me for a moment." She walked to the door and spoke to Conner in the hallway. He nodded and started off toward the elevator. When she came back in, she pulled up a chair and sat off to the side of the bed where she could see the doors and the monitor.

I saw her wince a bit as she leaned back. "So what do you carry?"

She straightened up slightly and seemed to consider me. I was sitting apparently naked under a bathrobe with a plate of food in my lap. My clutch was on the desk under the camera. It occurred to me between bites of brie that if I had misjudged her, I wouldn't have long to regret it. Also on the bright side, I wasn't wearing my shoes or a bra so at least I'd die comfortably.

"Bolton C-35's." She leaned back and unbuttoned her jacket. The twin holsters on her hips were tailored compact semi-automatics. She pulled the clips to release the holsters and set them on the table.  "What about your clutch?"

"Veniti compact. It's about the only damn thing that will fit. Would you like a bite?"

She picked a few morsels from the plate while I opened the champagne. On the monitor Julian popped in time with the cork. "My god, does he ever stop?"

"You have no idea. I once saw him fuck his way through a cheerleader squad."

"You're kidding, when?" She said taking the flute I handed her.

"Three months ago. On Thebes. We were there for the Planix Gaming event. He finished fourth."

"And as a victory dance he made you watch?"

"Sort of. He knew I was there, that's for sure. He was disqualified for not showing up. He was on the sixth cheerleader when the announcement came in that he was dropped to fourth place. He didn't seem too phased by it." I answered and sat down on the bed again.

"He is handsome in that spoiled rich kind of way."

"He's an ass. The problem is that he knows it and doesn't care." I took a long pull on the glass and let the liquid magic do its work. In an hour, Julian would be out cold. Until then, the blonde and brunette were going to get him up for a final round. They had just recovered enough to return to the bedroom when we heard a knock at the door. Both of us stiffened and turned our eyes to the camera watching the hall. Waiting outside was a tall man wearing a hotel uniform that was almost the same as Conner's, but it certainly didn't fit the same. Where the busboy was fitted to look unassuming and built for service, the masseuse looked slow and powerful. He wasn't a bodybuilder, but fit enough to look like he spent at least a few hours a week in the hotel gym. He had a cart with a table strapped to it behind him.

"Oh, it’s Allistor. I forgot that Derek was on vacation." Her posture stiffened up a bit but tried not to make it obvious.

I finished my glass and poured another before opening the door. "Hi Allistor, come on in." He looked a little taken aback and covered for it by smiling sweetly. I felt a shiver run through me but I blamed it on the ice-cold champagne. When he managed to clear the door and set his cart near the closet, he took in the room. When his eyes met with hers, he smiled again but a bit more broadly.

"Ah, Kat, I should have known you'd be here. Who's your friend?" He asked nodding to me.

"My name's Morgan." I said and took another sip from my flute. I saw her do the same. There was a certain familiarity between the two of them that bordered on cute. He got busy setting up his table and plugged in his cart. Within a minute, the towels were warming and the faintest smell of lavender started to fill the room. I checked the monitors again and saw the light from the bedroom flicker in time to Julian's missionary thrusts.

When I looked back, the table was ready and Allistor was applying a thin sheen of oil to his hands. And Kat seemed to have lost the top two buttons of her blouse. Her generous cleavage was glowing under the lights from the monitors. Damn, she had an awesome pair of tits, but I wasn't about to be outdone. I walked over to the edge of the table and shouldered out of my robe, giving them both a full view of my ass. It also hid the crisscross of scars along my thighs and stomach. I stood there long enough to knock back the champagne and then lay face down on the table. The towels under me were warm and even softer than the ones from the bathroom. There was a respectful moment of silence that I loved, and then I felt Allistor's hands touch me.

He was slow, gentle, and all business. My muscles opened to him like a flower at dawn, and the tension I felt was draining out slowly.  Allistor and Kat kept up a steady dialogue about hotel politics and the casino floor, and I kept one eye on the monitors. By the time Allistor finished with my shoulders and started to work toward my lower back, Julian's bedroom light went out. After my lower back, he traced a pattern of pressure along my arms and pulled back on my shoulder. He tried to pull the other arm too but seemed to have a touch of trouble.

"Kat, would you mind giving me a hand here?"

There was a sound like she was mid-sip and then coughed slightly. "With what?"

"Stand over here next to me and hold Morgan's arm like this. I just want to get this knot in her shoulder loose but her body keeps shifting."

My arm was handed over and the contrast between Allistor's and Kat's was immediate. His were strong and determined, and hers were soft and hot. Allistor picked up my other arm and before I knew what had happened I felt a jarring pain in both of my shoulders as they lifted in unison. I swear I heard a pop loud enough to wake the dead but then there was a sweet release when they set my arms down gently. My entire back from shoulders to hips felt renewed. Allistor worked his way over the globes of my ass and then down my thighs. On every third of fourth caress, I felt the blade of his oiled hand reach for the cleft between my legs.

I glanced at the monitors again just to make sure that nary a creature was stirring and noticed that Kat was still standing next to me across from Allistor. She watched his hands move over my legs, back and forth like a hypnotist’s watch. When Allistor lifted my leg clear off the table and told Kat to match him, she didn't even hesitate. A moment later I felt my legs lift and bend with my ankles aiming for my ears. I felt a stab of pain along my spine, then a delicious near-tearing of my thigh muscles before it was gone and they set me down again. Allistor repeated his run from shoulders to hips, then thighs and the inner points of my ass. One of his hands dipped straight down over my lips and I felt my body shudder against him. It was electric and explosive at the same time. I swear I could have come if he'd stayed for an instant longer.

Then he was gone, his hands had drifted to my thighs again and then down to my feet. When he asked me if I wanted a towel when I turned over, I just turned like a pig on a spit. I felt both pairs of eyes on me, from forehead to breasts, from the scars on my stomach to the neat trim of my mons. Both of them lingered at the traces of wetness between my legs and then at down my thighs to my feet. I felt a sudden surge of exhibitionism that was evident in my nipples. Allistor didn't waste any time or repeat his offer for a towel. He worked his hands from my shoulders to my chest and avoided my nipples out of respect or spite I didn't know. He was gentle over the scars on my stomach at first, but when I didn't object, he returned his full strength. My muscles seemed to melt under him, leaving me laying there like a human-shaped pudding.

He felt a knot form in my left thigh.  He bent my knee out and brought my ankle in toward my groin and asked Kat to hold it in place. She was breathing shallowly, and asked him where to put her hands. He took hold of her and placed one on my thigh so close to my lips, I could feel the heat of her hand on my clitoris. The other hand was placed on my ankle. "Now don't let her move or she might get seriously hurt, okay?"

He leaned over my knee and pressed down with his full body weight and I felt my hip pop, and then a muscle in my leg stretched painfully. A moment later, he eased up but the jolt had landed Kat's hand against my lips. I could feel myself coating her palm until she pulled back. Even in the dim light of the monitors, I could see a deep blush on her cheeks. Allistor told her to switch places with him and then he positioned my right foot the same way. This time when he placed Kat's hands, she didn't miss my lips, but pressed on them directly. I felt a wonderfully erotic thrill that was replaced by a sharp pain as Allistor pressed against my thigh. When he was done, he worked the tension out of my legs while Kat idly touched my thigh.

When he was finished, he handed me a fresh towel and they both helped me sit up. I let my feet sway for a few moments on the edge of the table before I stood up. "That was amazing, thank you, Allistor."

"I had a wonderful partner tonight, Morgan."

"I agree." I said and refilled my glass. I topped hers off too, finishing the bottle. We talked for a few more moments and Allistor started to put his bottles away. "Hold on, Allistor. I think you're forgetting someone."

Kat's blush deepened to near-crimson. "Oh, no...I don't think so."

Allistor smiled and returned the oil to the warmer. There were a few more hesitant refusals, but then the coaxing and the drained flute in her hand won out. I sat back on the edge of the bed and watched like a peepshow voyeur as she unbuttoned her blouse and kicked off her shoes. She took a deep breath and then unhooked her bra and pulled off her pants in a hurry in case her nerves got the better of her. I couldn't help notice that she had nothing to be concerned about. Her breasts were large with light pink nipples that stood out a half inch, her legs were rock solid, and her hips were the perfect shape to complete her hourglass. I caught Allistor looking and he blinked as he closed his mouth.

Kat lay face down on a fresh towel and Allistor set to work exactly like he'd done on me. He started at her shoulders and neck and worked down. He had me hold her arm while he held the other and we pulled. Kat moaned so softly, and I wondered if I had done the same thing. His hands worked down her thighs, up over her ass, and then down to her calves. As I watched, I glanced up and Allistor was watching me. His wry smile was intoxicating and his hands moved of their own accord.

Once he had finished with her back, he didn't ask if she wanted a towel and told her to roll over. She looked up at us once, then closed her eyes and kept them closed while he started with her shoulders. Before his hands even left her collarbone her nipples stood at attention. I could see her lips glisten. When he reached for her ankle to bring it in, I reached over and held her like she had done to me, but I moved my wrist so subtly against her clitoris while Allistor pressed down. She didn't wince at all, but she did arch her hips and then shuddered against my hand. Allistor and I circled around her and we repeated the hold. I pressed the back of my hand against her lips again and I was rewarded with another shudder, only that time it was accompanied by the ghost of a moan.

I reached back for the bottle of oil while Allistor continued to work down Kat's legs. I coated my hands lightly and started to join him, copying his movements as closely as I could. He watched me intently, his eyes trying to lock on mine but the way Kat's skin felt under my fingertips was so intense that I didn't want to look away. Our hands traced her ankles, and then started to work up toward her knees again. I glanced at Allistor and he smiled broadly, inching higher. We didn't stop until out hands collided over and over again at her mons. We each ran our hands from her hip to the edge of her ass, up and down, over and over. It was like a seesaw of textures crossing over her lips and clitoris. It only took half a dozen strokes before her body arched and she let loose a loud, guttural moan. As she peaked, Allistor leaned across her and kissed me. I felt his tongue slip into my mouth and I accepted it.

Our hands never stopped moving and I felt Kat's hand reach for my thigh. It slid up and curved around to cup my ass and in the process, it loosened my towel. I felt it fall away and Allistor's idle hand cupped my breast. It felt different this time with Kat running her hand over my ass. He wasn't pressing into my muscles; he was touching lightly, just enough to pass the warmth of his touch to me.  Kat's hand circled around to the front of me and found my wet lips.  I swear I blushed when her fingers squelched at my opening but no one seemed to take any notice. When my kiss broke, I looked down and saw that she had slipped two of her fingers into me but if felt like more. I returned the favor and slipped two of my own into her even as I opened my legs for more. Allistor leaned back to watch us for a moment, but then he moved around so that he was standing at the head of the table. He watched us closely, and his face became suddenly unreadable until he reached over to Kat's breasts and took hold of her nipples. They hardened under his fingers instantly and he began to gently pull. Her breathing started to sputter and he pulled harder until the full weight of her breasts were hanging from his fingertips. Her fingers stopped moving inside me and I felt her clench against mine as she mewled. He suddenly stopped and let her tits fall back against her chest. The most deviant smile was plastered across his face.

"I think I finally understand what you need, Kat. I should have realized it months ago but I just assumed...well, it doesn't matter."

She looked up at him through hooded eyelids and the wetness against my fingertips actually increased. He turned back to his cart and started sorting through his stacks of towels. When he turned around again, he was holding a small wooden tray that had indentations for his scented oil bottles. He bent over so he was close to her ear and told her to turn over. Her fingers withdrew from me and even as she rolled over, I knew what was about to happen. No one who’s ever owned a pair of handcuffs has ever been oblivious to erotic bondage or impact erotica. I'd just never seen it in living color. I checked the monitors again, and then watched as Kat's beautiful full ass came back into view.

"Morgan, go stand at the head of the table and open your legs so Kat can put her fingers in you again." I stared blankly at him for a moment, trying to process what he'd said. "Now, Morgan."

Allistor wasn't intimidating. He wasn't a threat, and I knew that if I wanted to, I could easily break him. I could even kill him with little or even no effort. Kat could too. But I followed his instructions and moved so that I stood with my feet as wide as the table legs and my mons even with Kat's nose. He stood at the side of the table and brought the wooden tray down hard against Kat's ass. It was like a thunderclap in the small room and Kat yelped in surprise. She drew in a sharp intake of breath and I saw her start to grind against the table. He brought the board down again and this time Kat groaned as her hands reached up for me and took hold of my thighs. She held on tight as he reddened her ass over and over again. She held on tight and I watched mesmerized as she flexed up to meet him halfway. When he stopped long enough to set the tray aside and coat his hands with oil again, Kat turned her hands to my inner thighs and moved them up to my lips. I couldn't believe how wet I'd gotten. I was literally dripping down my thighs over her thumbs and she entered me effortlessly. Two of her fingers curled and found my G-spot. Her other hand reached behind me and pulled my ass closer to the table so when she rose her face to me her tongue could reach my clitoris. I felt a wave of orgasm start to build in me that I never wanted to end.

Allistor started to massage her ass again, making her wince against me, but she didn't stop. He covered every centimeter of her, showing tenderness just as intense as the spanking he'd just given. Once he was done, he started to stroke her lips and slid his fingers into her. She lifted her hips to meet him, faster and faster until he pulled free and told her to stop. She groaned, and to my shock, so did I as she set her face aside and pulled her fingers out of me.

"Stand up, Kat, and let Morgan lay down for a while."

That was when I should have said no. I felt it in my logical brain even as Kat stood up and winced as her ass touched the table. It didn't matter how soft the towels were at that point for her. I was still going to say no as Kat stood up and held her hand out to me. I remember thinking that no was still an option if I didn't like it as I lay down in her place. I could still put my fist through his skull and break him twenty ways from Sunday if I wanted to. But then I was there in her place, waiting. She was stroking my back lightly and then- Wham! I felt it hit me like a freight train. I swear I yelped like a wounded animal but the pain didn't last as long as I thought it would. It was replaced by a dry heat that started on my ass and seeped into my core. I felt a fresh wave of wetness coat my lips, maybe even dripping onto the towel beneath me. Allistor hit me again and again, one side and then the other while Kate stroked my hair and leaned over to whisper in my ear. "That's it, Morgan, that's it. You’re so beautiful, so soft..."

When Allistor finished, I heard him set the tray aside and the clink of bottles. He poured a dribble of oil on my ass and it felt like ice. He and Kat both massaged me and when their fingers found my clitoris I gasped at the way my nerves reacted. I came instantly. I couldn't help it and the feeling was so intense that I felt like I was on the verge of passing out. They withdrew long enough for me to catch my breath and then they helped me roll onto my back. The towel burned against my ass and even as I started to calm down, Allistor placed a fresh towel between my legs and rubbed the oil and wetness off of me. It felt oddly disappointing that he was finished.

How wrong I was. He moved around to the head of the table above me and started to touch my breasts, he toyed with them, played with my nipples and leaned down to kiss and suck each one gently.  When the heat of his full mouth enveloped one and the other I pressed up to feed him more. My hands reached up for his thighs and I pulled against his ass. The hardness of his cock pressed against the top of my head through his slacks. I felt Kat's hands on my thighs again, and then what could only have been her mouth against my lips as her hot tongue lapped at my clit. I felt a fresh wave of wetness drip down the crack of my ass and she chased after it. She licked every part of me from bottom to top, dipping inside and then teasing my clit or my ass. She made me mewl and groan and when Allistor left his post at my head to stand behind her, I craned my neck to watch.

He coated his hands with oil again and started to run them up and down between her legs from behind. She gasped against me and looked up. Our eyes locked in a kind of primal understanding. We were the ones in control, we had the power here, and we both understood in that glance that we wanted him to pleasure us. "Do exactly as I do, Kat," he said softly and I felt her ease back and gently run her fingers over me the way he was doing to her. It was maddening how badly I wanted more. After a few strokes, she slipped one finger into me while her other hand started to tease my ass with little strokes. A second finger probed into me, and then a third. She started to pump in and out slowly, her other hand there, but doing very little. I started to rock in time with her, as she did with him, and then she added a fourth finger and turned her hand so that her thumb was resting on my clit. He pumped into her, and she pumped into me. I tried to open my thighs as far as I could and she did the same. She groaned in frustration and then pulled her hand out of me too.

I was so close to having an awesome orgasm that I was a little more than pissed, but them Allistor was next to us and poured oil over his hands and took Kat's in his, coating hers. A moment later, it started again and it progressed quickly. One, then two, then three fingers, pumping a steady rhythm that had us both panting. When the fourth finger added the pressure to my clit, I almost screamed. Then the pressure on my clit was gone and Kat leaned down to lick and nibble at it and I could see Allistor doing the same from behind her.  That's when I felt a stab of pressure as her thumb joined her fingers and the width of her wrist pressed into me. She was steady and insistent, and I started to come even as she slipped inside of me. I boarded a train of orgasms that rode her fist as it pumped in me. I had never felt to full, so wanton, like such a fuck slut in my life than in that moment with Kat's fist in me and her tongue on my clit.

I came so damned hard that I passed out. The last thing I remembered was Kat screaming that she was coming. The next thing I felt were her hands on my nipples as she gently rocked against me in time to Allistor's thrusts. He was standing behind her, pumping into her hard and steady. When she saw that I was awake again, she kissed me. I felt her lips on mine like hot wet velvet. She tasted like me. She smelled like me. And Allistor fucked her like I wanted to be fucked.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Windows Of The Soul.

Windows Of The Soul.     

  It’s funny how some things you remember clearly while others vanish without a trace.  Like driving home:  there are days when I’d remember every detail of the trip and others when I’d just find myself in my driveway without remembering a single thing.  The latter was how I found myself following Shyla.
       The last thing I remembered was sitting with her in the vault at C.O.R.B.I.N., waiting for the pills to take hold.  She leaned back to stretch.  Her arms made a popping noise and she groaned.
 “You okay?”
       She nodded and stretched further until her shoulder popped too.  “I need to get out for awhile.  This place is starting to bug me.”
I smiled, but the hotel I was staying at was the only thing I was going to see anytime soon.  I’d never been much for the club scene and my level of shyness was near astronomical. At least in the real world.  I felt a sudden flash of heat and smelled wet skin, but before my brain could take hold of it and make anything out of it, the thoughts disappeared.  It was the first sign that the pills were taking hold.  The vault kept us isolated until we were under control again.  No one was interested in letting anyone’s secrets leave with us.
       Shyla laughed a bit and leaned forward to rest her arms on her knees.  She looked up at the pendant lamps and then her smile widened.  “Yeah, I know what I need all right.”
       The image flashed again and this time I could hear a distinct moan, but there was conversation mingled with it and again, I was too slow to latch on to it before it faded again.  I looked up at her and saw that she was biting her bottom lip and staring at me.  I felt myself flush and tried to pretend I hadn’t perceived anything.  She knew better though.
 “I don’t mind, you know,”  she said and I felt myself flush and my ears almost burned from the embarrassment.  I got up and crossed the room to the kitchenette.  I busied myself with a cup of coffee and offered her one.  She declined, but she sent another pulse of thought to me that made me drop my mug.  She was on her hands and knees, and this blurred hulk of a man was behind her driving deep into her so hard that her knees left the floor with each thrust.  I winced as a stab of pain arched through my finger.
 “Oh, shit, I’m so sorry, Vane!”  she gasped and jumped up from the couch.  She took the dish towel from the refrigerator and waited for me to rinse the blood out of my cut.  It wasn’t too deep, but the drugs thinned the blood a bit and I bled freely.  She wrapped the towel around me and pressed hard.
 “Sorry,”  she said again.  Softer this time.  “I was just playing around, I shouldn’t have done that.”
       I forced a weak smile, but I had been half-expecting her to try something like that.  The image was still in my mind like a slow-motion video loop.  Her face was fresh in my mind as she was filled to overflowing, over and over again.  “I…uh, I mean, it’s okay, really.”  I took the towel and let her brush me aside so she could make the coffee for me instead.  “By tomorrow, I’ll be right as rain.”
 “I don’t even want to think about tomorrow.  I’ve had enough of thinking.  The last ten days have been nothing but thinking, for me and everyone else in that fucking zoo.  I’m going to wash-out, and then I’m going to let someone else do the thinking for awhile.  Maybe a few someones.” She turned around with a steaming mug and traded it for the towel again.  She opened it a bit to check my wound and gave a half grimace.  “Nope, still dodgey.”  Then pressed firmly again.  She cocked her head at me.  “What do you do to cleanse, Vane?”
       I thought about it for a moment, but wasn’t about to tell her that I usually went back to my hotel and racked up the pay-per-view porn bill so I shrugged.  “Not much, I guess.  I just stay at the hotel.  Occasionally go to a movie.”
       She looked scandalized for a moment.  “That’s it?  Are you kidding me, I mean, with your talent you could be out banging every woman who…”  She caught herself and suddenly looked very angry with herself.  “Sorry, Vane.  That was stupid of me.”
       I wasn’t sure why she apologized, so I took a sip from my mug to cover the awkward moment.  She looked at my finger again and smiled.  “There you go, all better.”
       I looked over at the digital clock that clung like a vulture above the sealed door to the vault and nodded toward it.  Shyla glanced over too and we both smiled.  We had less than an hour left before we’d be deemed ‘safe’ to reunite with the outside world. 
 “What did you mean by a few someones?”  I said and then suddenly realized she wasn’t talking about Johnny Walker or Jack Daniels.  A flash of thoughts hit me and I started to stutter out my apologies like a machine gun.
To her credit, Shyla just laughed.  She was good at that.  Nothing ever seemed to get under her skin, at least not for any discernable amount of time.
 “Oh my god, you should come with me, you could use the distraction!”  The offer hit me between the eyes and I really had no clue what she meant.  She must have seen the polite refusal coming because she cut me off before I could start.  “There’ll be plenty of people there that you can mingle with or seclude yourself behind.  Plenty of drinks and really good food.  There’s even a few private rooms where you can sneak away if you get to feeling overwhelmed.  C’mon, Vane, ‘Carnal Instincts III’ isn’t going anywhere, you should get out and live a little.  Besides, it’d be so much cooler if there was someone else like me there.  You could be my remote, how fucking cool would that be, huh?”
       I was still going to refuse when my brain processed her dig about the plans I had for the evening.  I was obviously not the only one who was having a hard time letting the pills do their jobs.  I think she also misunderstood my hesitation in answering as a wavering on whether to go with her or not.
 “Please, Vane?”
       Why did she have to be so damned cute?  Her curves were just large enough to invite the imagination and she could be as severe or as demure as she wanted at the drop of a hat.  She had the mind of a scholar and the mouth of a drunken sailor and was perfectly content with it.  Saying yes was a forgone conclusion.  And thinking back, I have my suspicions that she’d planned it for weeks.  Maybe not every detail, but enough to get me squirming and trapped.
       The last hour in the vault was spent sitting across from each other on the u-shaped couch talking about where we were going.  The hotel was in the Czech Republic somewhere, maybe Prague, but she wasn’t sure.  She had a linear trace she was going to use to get us there and back once we got to my hotel room.  She also told me all about the ‘rules’ I was to follow once we got there.  “…You can talk to people, but only if they talk to you first.  You’re new, and people can get a bit skittish.”
       My brow furrowed a bit.  “I can’t talk?”
 “It’s not as bad as it sounds.  You can go anywhere, look at anything, and say anything you want to, but let the established patrons speak first.  They’re not cold-hearted people, just cautious.”
 “Of what, exactly?”
 “Of being thought of as deviants, freaks, outsiders…”  She trailed off for a second, but then bounced back in full spirit.  “And try to stay close to an observation point; once we link up, it’s going to be so totally fucking cool.”
 “Wait, where are you going to be?”
 “I usually wander off, but this time I’ve got something special in mind.  You won’t be able to miss it.”
       And then she was off on another tangent about how well-furnished the hotel was, how many dignitaries had stayed there, about how many there might be when we arrive.  She told me absolutely everything I could possibly want to know, except for exactly what I wanted to know.  She avoided the topic of what I’d seen in her mind with the precision of a surgeon.  Once the door chimed the five minute mark, she stopped talking and we both gathered up our travel cases and coats.  By the time the plainclothes security detail arrived to escort us out, we’d both managed to conceal our feelings under a mask of fatigued apathy.
       I don’t remember checking out, or the shuttle to my hotel.  I do vaguely remember Shyla leaving for her own hotel, but my next real solid memory was after I’d showered and dressed.  Shyla knocked lightly and when I let her in, I suddenly felt grossly underdressed.  She wore a black sequined dress that looked like black diamonds, only watery.  It clung to her like a glove and yet seemed to flow with her movements.
 “You’re wearing that?”  Shyla sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.   She looked down at my clothes again, then turned to my closet and started to look through the hangers.  I knew what she was going to choose before she hands even stopped.  Sure enough, she turned around with my black suit dangling from her finger.  She peeled off the dry-cleaner’s wrapping and handed it to me.  “Put this on, and don’t forget to change your shoes.”  She headed over to the window and stared out at the night.  She glanced back and scowled.  “C’mon, Vane.  Get changed.”  I know I blushed, but instead of turning back to the window, she turned for one of the chairs and sat down to watch.  She bit her bottom lip again, waiting.  If it wasn’t for the bundle of nerves in my stomach, I know I would have been seriously turned on.  It was the weirdest sensation I’d ever felt.
       I don’t think I’ve ever felt more insecure as I did at that moment.  Every muscle in my body felt like it just popped out of a Jell-O mold.  I didn’t try to impress her or even show off-- I’d have just made a bigger fool of myself than I already felt like.  When I finally got my pants clasped, I dropped my belt; twice.  Shyla didn’t laugh, she didn’t even frown, just got up and crossed the room like a phantom.  The only thing I could hear was the sound of her dress shifting around her legs and my own shallow breathing.  She took the belt from my hands and slipped it through the loops around my waist.  I felt my face flush when she tucked in my shirt.  Her fingers passed over the insides of my thighs and then smoothed out the fabric covering my ass.  She had this weird Mona Lisa smile on her face when pulled back to clasp the belt.  I was almost numb with embarrassment when she reached up to straightened my collar for me.  Shyla smiled, then unbuttoned the top of my shirt.  “There.  That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
        She turned back toward the window and led me by the hand.  With every step an excuse shot through my mind.  I could start feeling sick from deactivation sickness, cancer, plague, anything…  My stomach clenched.  I couldn’t lie any better than I dressed.  The moment the thought crossed my mind, Shyla gripped my hand tighter as if I might suddenly back out and lock myself in the bathroom.  She pulled open the drapes and I saw our reflections in the glass.  If I didn’t know it was us, I’d have thought we looked great together.  It looked that perfect.  I glanced over at her.  “You do look fabulous.”
       She smiled, but there was a devil in her eyes that knew more than I could ever dream.  “Thank you, Vane.  Ready?”
       Before my brain could form the response, we were already fused with an unseen beam of light that enveloped us and pulled us through time and space.  It was like a cold rush of wind was blowing from my heart out through my skin.  It was…peaceful.  I didn’t realize I was holding my breath, but when I finally needed to breathe again, I choked and the sensation faded and we were standing in a grand foyer.  I coughed and fought back the gagging feeling in my throat.  She let go of my hand and I felt the heat of her palms on my face.  She waited for me to catch my breath, then pulled me close and kissed me so softly on the lips, I almost thought I’d imagined it.  Then she turned away from me and headed down the main hall.
       I blinked a few times, then realized there were about three dozen other couples standing around the room watching me.  I looked down at the floor and noticed I was still standing in the arrival gate and moved aside.  Once I was able to collect my mind a little, it looked like we had arrived at a cocktail party or some corporate function right out of a movie.  The men all wore dark suits; the women looked polished and radiant.  I was so far removed from my natural element that I almost ran to the nearest bar.  Shyla told me where everything was and what to expect, but the reality was still a shock to the system.
       I was about to ask the barman for something, then caught myself before the words left my mouth.  He looked up at me, smiled kindly, and stepped closer.  “May I get you something, Sir?”
       I looked over his shoulder at the rows of bottles, but couldn’t decide.  “Have anything good to settle a scattered nervous system?”
       He smiled, and poured out a tall measure of club soda with a slice of lime.  It wasn’t at all what I expected, but as I walked through the place sipping on it, I admit it worked better than anything I could have ordered myself.  As I wandered the halls, it dawned on me how small the place really was.: two floors, one main entryway, and one two-story library where the upper level looked down over the lower.  There were a half-dozen rooms sprinkled here and there along with a handful of bathrooms.  It was the perfect place to host an overnight dinner party, or for an elder statesman to retreat from the public eye for a few days.
       I traded out my empty glass for a pinch of something stronger I couldn’t pronounce and made my way up to the second floor of the library.  I hadn’t seen Shyla since she kissed me in the foyer, and the hushed conversations and muffled laughter was starting to feel a bit too conspiratorial for my liking.  More than once I caught people watching me from behind the veil of their private conversations and it was starting to annoy me.  The books seemed a lot less prone to agitation, and were infinitely less judgmental about the company they kept.
       As I looked across the shelves, the first thing I noticed was that a fair amount of the titles were printed in Latin or German.  There were a few English titles, but they were mostly dictionaries, and encyclopedias.  I was looking at the upper shelves when a faint moan tickled the back of my ears.  I felt a sudden jolt of fear, and glanced around.  The upper walkway was deserted and only lit by overhead lamps that focused the weak light on the bookshelves.  The closer I moved toward the handrail overlooking the lower library, the darker the shadows around me became.  I heard it again, just as the ice in my glass cracked from the heat radiating from my hand.  The sound felt like a cannon shot in the near-silence.
       When I stepped up to the rail and looked down, I saw a tall man leaning back against one of the bookcases.  From where he stood, he was concealed from the other couples talking at a sitting area near the doors.  Kneeling in front of him was a beautiful blonde woman.  The man was holding a drink in one hand, his head tilted back with his eyes closed.  His other hand held her hair back gently as she moved his cock in and out of her mouth.  The contrast of his dark skin against her fair was so mesmerizing: as were the fluid movements of her hands as they worked his shaft and the motions of her throat as she swallowed.
 “They’re beautiful together, aren’t they?”  Her voice was soft in the darkness, but it hit me like a fist.  I gasped and almost dropped my drink.  A woman was standing not two feet from me, watching the secret moment unfolding beneath us.  Her skin matched his, but her eyes were on the woman servicing him.  “She loves what she does.  Much more than I do, at least.  She likes the role of being submissive to him.”
       I swallowed the lump in my throat with the help of the remains of my drink.  She glanced over at me briefly.  “The woman you came here with-- is she yours?”
       I shook my head slowly, afraid of what the answer would bring.  “I saw the two of you arrive.  There was love in her eyes when she kissed you.  Even if you couldn’t see it.”  She turned to face me directly and even though she was nearly a head shorter than me, she seemed to have such a commanding presence that I actually straightened up like a soldier before a drill sergeant.  She stepped in closer to me and ran a feather-light touch from my shoulder to my waist.  “Have you ever watched her before?  With another man, I mean…?”
       My breath caught on the scent of her perfume.  It was light as a summer breeze and smelled like a ton of money.  “No,” I managed to say.  It was hoarse, and sounded much more confident than I felt.
 “Are you the jealous type?” she turned her back to me and pressed herself into me.  She seemed to melt into me, her ass pressing hard into my groin while her hands reached up behind her and clasped behind my neck.  She looked down at the library floor and the woman was now bent over a small table with the man was behind her, pounding heavily into her.  The woman in front of me groaned softly and pulled my head to her neck.  I opened my mouth to kiss her, but she pressed harder so I bit instead.  She moaned that much louder.  The small group from the sitting area had moved in closer to watch.
       One of her hands dropped from my neck and slid down my body to press between my legs.  The moment her hand touched me, Shyla found us.
 “I see you’ve managed to find something you like, Ryn.”
       The woman pressed against me jumped at Shyla’s voice.  She arched away from me to hold onto the handrail.  “I was just teasing him a little, that’s all.”
       Shyla stepped between us and filled the empty space easily.  She wove her fingers into mine and looked up at me.  “Are you ready, Vane?”
       Ready for what, exactly?  I felt a shudder of delight as her other hand pressed against my cock and squeezed gently.  Our eyes locked and I felt my mind suddenly connect with hers.  I wasn’t feeling what she felt or even seeing what she saw, but I could tell she was looking through me.  She actually adjusted her hair as if I were a mirror before turning around to face Ryn.  I felt a small part of the fire that must have been burning silently inside Shyla because even though her words were soft and silky, I could feel the razor blades hidden in them.
 “Be kind to him, and gentle.  And only for tonight.  When we leave this hotel tonight, we’ll be leaving you with it.”
       Ryn nodded softly and made to move in a fashion that looked almost like a curtsey.  As Shyla moved off toward the door, Ryn slipped back into her position to watch downstairs.  “See what I mean, she loves you.”
       I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I didn’t.  The feeling of Ryn’s body pressed into mine coupled with the feeling of Shyla’s mental link was overwhelming.  More people had gathered along the upper railing, but everyone was bathed in shadows and outlined by books.  The floor below had also had an increase in attendees-- some tucked behind bookshelves, others in full view of everyone else.  Some were only kissing passionately, some were half-dressed, and a select few were completely naked and content to remain that way.  I was trying to take in every sensation, every sight, sound, scent, and feeling of the world around me but I had to close out most of it or else be lost in all of it.
       When Shyla appeared at the edge of the lower library floor, a half-dozen heads turned to watch her enter. She walked past the naked couples and the frenzy of lust toward the center of the room.  A woman who was serving plates from the buffet line came in after her and when Shyla stopped, the server pulled a small silk scarf from her apron and blindfolded Shyla before starting to undress her.  There wasn’t anything sexy about how it was done. It was clinical, more practical than anything else.  The clothes were removed for their own protection, and carried out with the care shown wounded animals.  With Shyla naked for everyone to see, blindfolded to prevent anyone from being apprehensive to advance on her…it was like she was being fed to piranhas.  She turned slightly, squaring herself to my eyes.  She could see herself through me, I could feel it in my core.  To discuss what we did at C.O.R.B.I.N. was a strict taboo-- a violation of everything we stood for.  But I knew at that moment what she was, how she worked, what her abilities entailed.  I felt the love she must have held secret.  Something Ryn saw so readily.  In that moment, I understood.
       I set my drink on the handrail and wrapped one arm around Ryn’s waist and pulled her tighter to me.  She tried to turn around and take my head into her hands again, but I held her firm and didn’t let my eyes escape what was happening below.  A couple stopped kissing and were the first to approach Shyla.  They stood on either side of her and started to touch her.  Gently, at the hands and wrists, moving in toward her core.  More people gathered, and two more men slipped from their lovers’ embraces to join the first couple.  Four hands touched her, then five.  They groped her breasts, her thighs, her ass, the cleft between her legs.  It wasn’t long until they lowered her to the floor and started to descend upon her.  The first man to enter her was huge, and another woman helped guide him to her center.  She held his pace slow, directing him in and out in time to the cupping of his balls and the tapping of Shyla’s clitoris.  His moans were soft and strained under the woman’s touch, and Shyla rose her hips to meet him.  Another man began to kiss Shyla’s exposed breasts while another woman pulled her dress up to her hips and knelt over Shyla’s head.  For a few precious minutes, I couldn’t see anything but her stomach rippling under an orgasm.  The man fucking her suddenly arched and the woman holding his balls let him go as he burst into Shyla.
       No sooner had he withdrawn than another man appeared from somewhere under the balcony to take his place.  The woman holding vigil at Shyla’s clit pulled him closer, leaned forward and took him into her mouth for a few moments before guiding him in as well.  The woman riding Shyla’s face arched and started to teeter before a man caught her beneath the arms to hold her steady.  He moved to raise her up but Shyla reached up to grab a firm hold to the woman’s thighs and refused to let her go.  They remained locked like that while the woman rode through what looked like two more orgasms.  When she finally was released, spent and unable to walk, the man holding her picked her up and carried her to a chair near the edge of the room.  
       By now, Ryn was stroking my cock through my pants and managed to work my zipper down.  When her hand made contact with my skin, I groaned loudly against her neck.  The second man finished in Shyla and when he pulled free, the woman at her clit settled down between her legs and began lapping at her lips.  Three more men appeared at Shyla’s sides and two were each taken by her hands, while one lowered himself to her open mouth.  The woman between her legs was relentless, driving as deep as she could for every last drop Shyla could give.  She only broke away when a couple took her by the arms and laid her out to service themselves.  The man took her from behind while the woman opened her legs wide for her hungry tongue.
        The man I’d seen before when Ryn first appeared came back into the circle, fully naked now and looking enormous.  He was like an obsidian god among mortals.  I leaned in close to whisper in Ryn’s ear.  “Is he your husband?”
       Ryn looked down at the floor and groaned, pulled my cock from my pants and squeezed hard, milking a drop of cum from the tip.  “Yes,” she hissed.  He knelt between Shyla’s legs and once she felt his hands on her ankles, spread her thighs as wide as she could.  He entered her with one fluid motion and in that instant, the man feeding her throat groaned and started to cum.  He fell back, spent, and the men from her hands drew closer together to take turns as her head bobbed on the floor between them.  Her groans were loudest of anyone in the room, and they were answered by other couples both along the balcony alongside me as well as on the floor under us.  Ryn pulled my hand to her breast, pinched her nipple through my fingers and pressed her ass back against me.  I took the hint and started to pinch both of her nipples in turn and in almost no time, she turned to face me and dropped to her knees.  In one motion, she swallowed my cock to the base and sucked with a force that I thought would never cease.  I kept my gaze focused on both women: the one on my cock and the one fucking her husband twenty feet beneath me.  The men in Shyla’s hands both came, one after the other and once they broke free of her grip on them, Ryn’s husband turned Shyla over and she obediently rose to her hands and knees.  The sound of their wet skin slapping was an aphrodisiac unlike anything I’d ever felt.  I started to thrust into Ryn’s mouth and she groaned in protest as I came but she sucked everything down without a second thought.  My thoughts were so heavily aroused, and my link with Shyla was so strong at that point that I lifted Ryn from the floor where she tried vainly to keep my cock in her mouth.  It popped loose and she didn’t take her eyes off of me until I turned her over the railing and lifted her dress.  I heard a faint ‘yes’ from her as she caught on to my intent and pulled her panties aside to let me in.  
       That first sensation of warm flesh was doubled by my recent orgasm, intensified by my link, and fueled by the sexual energy of room around me.  I fucked Ryn as hard as I could and I watched her husband fuck Shyla.  I heard Shyla calling out, but to him or me, I didn’t know or care.  “Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!”.  It wasn’t a request; it was an order.  I obeyed to my fullest and most of the room stopped to watch us.  I could sense the minds around us filling with lurid thoughts.  Everyone was wondering who was going to reach the end first.  Shyla reached back to slap her own ass and Ryn’s husband took up from there, reddening her cheeks with hand marks while she ripped off the blindfold and looked back over her shoulder.  She didn’t look at him, or Ryn, but up at me.  I could see it building in her eyes, and I matched her stroke for stroke.  We were fucking each other through Ryn and her husband, and we came within seconds of each other.  We were followed closely by Ryn, and finally by her husband.  Ryn slouched forward and panted hard, trying to catch her breath and her husband leaned back similarly spent, resting on his heels.  Shyla leaned forward onto her elbows.   She panted heavily, but never looked away from me.  I leaned against Ryn’s back.  I was looking for any sign of shame, any trace of fear, jealousy or hatred, in Shyla’s face but there wasn’t any.  All I saw was a look of gratitude and bliss.  Sweat and cum.  It was the most unreal experience in my life, and no matter how twisted or unusual, I can honestly say that I found love that day.  Or rather, it found me.